Is she one?

Shaheer and his friends are invited to dance on a show named jalak dhikla ja. This season instead of dancing with choreographers they had to dance with girls of the judges choice. Shaheer had to dance with a girl named Shama, a girl he had a crush on since high school.He is madly in love with her now. Is she his true love? Are they destined for each other?


1. introduction

In Mumbai every actor or actress was followed by fans.

Everywhere they went fans followed.

But the boys everybody died for were the boys acting as the pandavas in Mahabharat. They were amazing and talented men. Soo many girls were ready to sacrifice their life just to have a minute with them. Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun, Rohit Bharadwaj as Yudhistir, Sarav as Bhima, Vin Rana as Nakul, and Lavanya Bharadwaj as Sahadev.

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