A old friend

When I was 11 my best friend taylor moved away and I never saw him again. But when I turned 15 I ran away because my dad abused me. I moved to LA because he told me that's where he was. And I met him I now live in his apartment am and we are friends but maybe more.


2. ch2

When he walks in all I think is if he is going to remember me. He sits right next to me and drums on the table. He turns his head to look at. Me and his mouth opens. "Amber." He says calmly . "Yep." I say and He stands up and hugs me. "I freakin missed you." He said. And we sat back down. "Why are you here?" He asked. "Long story but I ran away. And came here." I said innocently. "That means you don't have any where to stay." He says. He then picks up my phone takes a picture of himself then does somthing. He Immidatly puts I down and I pick it up. He saved his own contact. Then he turns away as Alexa walks over with my salad. And her soup. We sit there and eat and laugh and I here taylor and his friend talk. And try to keep quiet. When were done eating we go out to her car. "Hey I met an old friend, he offered for me to stay with him." I say. "Who is it." She asks. "Mason starer" I say with some hesitation. "Ok it's fine" she says smiling. And I text taylor and tell him what his fake name is. ****** the next day I wake up and Alexa does my hair. When it's time for me to leave a black car pulls outside and it's Taylor. "Bye amber. Text me" she says. "Ok" I say and get in the car thank god she didn't see otherwise she'd scream.

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