A old friend

When I was 11 my best friend taylor moved away and I never saw him again. But when I turned 15 I ran away because my dad abused me. I moved to LA because he told me that's where he was. And I met him I now live in his apartment am and we are friends but maybe more.


1. ch1

Amber pov

Alexa's my friend who lives in la.

To Alexa:

Hey I'm leaving my house like running away pick me up at our old hideout.

I texted my friend because I was running away. And ps our hideout is and old tree house.

From Alexa:

Ok I'll be there.

I quick packed a small bag with some water and a pair of clothes in it and snuck out of the house. I ran as fast as I could and finally reached the old tree house. I looked around and found Alexa in her car laughing I walked over and jumped In the car. "Drive" I said out of breath. "What the hell are you laughing about?" I ask. "Welllll there's this group called magcon and there fucking hilarious." I knew that. I don't live under a rock. She's still talking "the people in it are nash Grier Hayes Grier Cameron Dallas jack jack carter and taylor caniff." "Wow"I say. "What?!?so what I may obsess over them?!" She yells. "Ok ok I'm sorry!" I say putting my hands up but it's not that it's taylor. He's famous?? "Wanna go out today? For dinner?" She asks. "Ya sure since I'm free from the death trap called home."I laugh. "Yay ok get ready." We pull up to her apartment. It's perfect. I run in and throw on my jeans shirt and put my hair up in a bun. Then I put my converse on and we head out. We're just going to a Panera. I remember taylor always liked Panera. I walk in and order. While Alexa waits for the food I find a seat. I sit down and I here a familiar laugh... It's taylor.

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