Love? Never heard of it.

She never let anyone in. Her walls would never be broken. Never. And no one would change that. This isn't a love story. Its a strong story.


1. Love?

Silver's pov

When i was a young girl, i didnt believe in love. I said it all the time so it had no meaning to me. It stared when my older sister, aria, fell in love. She talked about him all the time and said he promised he would never hurt her. One day she came home and her mascara was running. Her eyes were red as she told me the story. Apparently her "special person" had said she would never be his number one. After that he said he didnt want to see her anymore. When she was done she told me that love was a made up fairytale. She said that it was a monster in disguise. After that i started seeing things i didnt see before. I saw things like screaming. I saw things like hatred and scars. Not scars that can be seen. Scars that are on the inside. I learned to hide scars. I learned to build walls. Strong walls. No one came in them. No one came out. At first they were soft and weak so someone came in by accident. Though soon i learned to kick that person out without hurting them. I had walls but i wasnt going to hurt people because of them. Now whenever someone asks me if i kove someone i say, "love? Never heard of it."

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