Love? Never heard of it.

She never let anyone in. Her walls would never be broken. Never. And no one would change that. This isn't a love story. Its a strong story.


3. falling

Silver's pov

Crashing. That is what is happening to me. Perfect world. Perfect LIFE FOR PETE'S SAKE! He just had to say it! The "L" word. A shiver ran down my spine just thinking about it! I looked up at him. "I-I got to go n-now. I ran, my hair flying andmy backpack falling off my shoulder teo seconds aftr i readjusted it. No no no. This can NOT be happening! I ran into the girl's bathroom and i was the only one there so ilet it all out. I screamed and cursed. I kicked the walls and doors. I punched the mirror, my fist coming away bloody. When i was done i cleaned my fist, fized my hair, and walked out the bathroom knowing next person in there was going to be as surprised as i was. I was falling. And he caught me. At least i let him think so. While he thought he caught me, i was falling and landing perfectly on my feet. And walking away.

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