Love? Never heard of it.

She never let anyone in. Her walls would never be broken. Never. And no one would change that. This isn't a love story. Its a strong story.


2. fake. i swear, its fake.

Silver's pov

I woke up and sighed, preparing myself for a long day. I brushed my long curly brown hair and look at the mirror and found a pair of green eyes staring back at me. I looked down and started getting dressed. I put on a grey shirt that said smile, a black skirt, and black hightops. I went into my bathroom and looked at the mirror. I applyed mascara and lip balm and decided that i would leave home looking like that. I walked to school looking at thhe green colors of the trees and the clear blue sky. I neared the school and saw him. The one i said that i loved. Fake. I swear its fake. I dont love him. I know he doesnt live me though he says it. If we werent together, i dont think that anythjng would be normal. All the mean girls would boss us around. All the jocks would push the weaker around. But i decided that things shouldnt be like. Should anyone decide otherwise, then they wouldnt stand a chance. I stood for peace, but when it was time to fight i was the leader. As i looked at him, his dark brown hair, his green eyes, his dimples, i saw something else. Sadness. But did it break my heart? No. Did it shatter me that he was sad. A little but not really. It was more like a small chip on my stone heart. "Good morning harry." I smiled ip at him. His sadness faded away. "Hello silver. He bent down and kissed me. And for a second i felt that this kiss was different from all the others. That this kiss would change something dramatically. We had been together for a year, and i knew this boy inside and out. "Whats wrong?" I asked knowing that his might change something. "Silver, i love you." My heart broke just a little. I knew that he didnt love me so why does he have to say it. "And this time, i mean it." He bent down and kissed me, i knew something was wrong, i just didnt expect this. He pulled away slowly and i looked hkm straight in the eye and i lied. "I love you to harry, woth all my heart." And with that my heart fixed itself and my walls grew stronger. This was bad. But i knew that all i had to do was play cool and not take this too far. Cause if i do, my perfect world will shatter.

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