Love and War

A young girl, named Alison, only at the age of 12 has already had some of the worst experiances of her whole life! But when these certian people come into her life, it all changes.


4. Chapter 4

After that whole ME thinking Matthew was dead thing cleared up, me and Jake would talk  lot more. I barely knew Jake, we had only been friends for a couple weeks before the whole incident. Turns out he was so much like me! We both loved MCR and BVB, we could spend the whole day talking. Me and Matthew grew farther and farther apart though and everything started to go down hill. 

"Come on what's wrong Matthew!?" I said starring at him, he looked more depressed than usual.

"Oh nothing, don't worry about it cheesy." Matthew said faking a smile. I sighed a bit and sat down on my couch. Matthew sat next to me.

"Could you please tell me what's wrong!" I said looking back at him.

"I don't want to get you all worked up, and you know what happens then don't you?" He said starring back at me. I frowned a bit knowing that if I finally snapped I could lose control and would go down hill, big time.

"Yeah I know, I know." I said and sighed a bit. 

"Now don't be so down, I have to go now. Don't do anything stupid." Matthew said as he got up and walked off to the door. I watched him leave and then laid down on the couch. I reached over and picked up my kindle and playing on it a bit, trying to distract myself from thinking of Matthew. After a while I heard a knock on the door. I sat my kindle down on the counter and walked up to the door.

"Cheesy! I have something important to tell you! But you must be quiet about it!!!" Chris said. Well, Chris is another one of my friends. Jake and Chris are like best bros so it's pretty cool to hang out with them both, but it's kinda odd not to see Jake with Chris.

"Um...sure what is it?" I asked widening my eyes in confusion.

"I can't say it here! People may be watching." Chris whispered. I laughed a bit as Chris grabbed my arm and dragged me outside!

"Where are we going dude!?" I said trying to keep up with him.

"A place! In eh...Narnia!" He said continuing to drag me. He finally stopped in the middle of the woods.

"What the...why Chris!?" I said glaring at him.

"Well I didn't want Jake to know! And I don't think he comes around here so..." Chris said looking around a bit.

"Jake to know what!? What!?" I said.

"Jake may have a crush on cheese." Chris said while smirking.

"Wait what." I said, widening my eyes a bit in shock.

"Jake likes you okay!? Now you must hush. I said nothing." Chris said. I immediately blushed a dark shade of red, I was,completely shocked. I thought we were just buds!

"Chris..." Someone said coming out from the bushes.

"Oh...shiz." Chris said as Jake came out from the bushes.

"You didn't did you!?" Jake said, raising his tone.

"Hey! Better out than in!" Chris said laughing a bit.

"F*** you Chris!" Jake said storming off. My eyes widened a bit more, I couldn't believe Jake had cussed, he always seemed like the sweet and gentle type.

"Wait Jake!" Chris said running after him. I laughed a bit and began to walk home. I blushed a bit as I thought about what Chris had said, I couldn't believe it. But then I remembered, Matthew. 

"Wait what!? Do I like Jake ...Wait Matthew! I'm....grr!" I mumbled to myself. When I got home I immediately climbed into bed, hugged my pillow, and fell asleep.

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