Love and War

A young girl, named Alison, only at the age of 12 has already had some of the worst experiances of her whole life! But when these certian people come into her life, it all changes.


1. Chapter 1

"He's dead...he's dead....he's dead." I kept mumbling to myself. Jake sat beside me patting my back.

"He'll be fine Alison...come on don't think like that." He said, trying to keep me calm. My eyes began to water up.

"That idiot....that idiot!" I began to raise my voice a bit, a tear feel down my cheek and hit the ground. I hide my face in my hands and began to cry.

"He'll be fine! Remember, he said he was good at fights. He couldn't have gotten hurt that bad!" Jake said raising his tone a bit, trying to get me to listen.

"You don't get it...he kept me from killing myself... I don't know what I'll do if he's gone." I said quietly. I removed my hands from my face and looked down at the ground. Jake wiped my tears with his hoodie sleeve. He frowned and looked into my eyes. I slowly looked back, even I couldn't trust Jake as much as I trusted Matthew. Matthew was the one that kept me alive, the one I cared the most about. It's nice that Jake cared enough to help me through this, but he has no idea how much Matthew has done. I sighed a bit and then smiled.

"I'll be fine." I said, my voice a bit shaky from crying. Jake looked at me and smiled a bit.

"Whatever you say, but if you need me just come and ask." Jake Saud. He leaned down and kissed my forehead then walked off. Once he left I sighed a bit and pulled out my razor from my front pocket. I pulled up my hoodie sleeve pressed the razor against my skin and slide it down my arm, leaving a long cut with blood swelling up out of it. I watched the blood drip down my arm and onto the ground. I slipped my hoodie sleeve back up, luckily the hoodie was black and you couldn't see any blood stain. I stood up and looked up at the sky, remembering what Matthew had told me. 

"He'll be fine...He'll be fine." I kept telling myself, trying to keep myself clam. Knowing if I think too much I may do something crazy. I looked back at the street and started walking home, feeling that sadness kill me from the inside, praying that Matthew would be ok

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