You promised - Poem


1. You Promised

                                       YOU PROMISED

               You promised you would be there for me

       You promised if I just be myself I could be free

     You promised that you would always stay by my side

         You promised to me that you would never hide

          You promised that you'd always help me out

        You promised that I would never have to shout


              You promised me many other things

   You promised me in the future you would buy me a ring

               But you walked away without me

               I really love you,can't you see ??

             You don't know how I feel about you

                I just want you to like me too

        You promised me I would always see your smile

     But right now you're farther than a thousand miles


                      You betrayed me

                 You're like a stinging bee

               But I saw this coming anyway

           So it doesn't hurt much, you can say




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