Forever in my heart

Cassadey is Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend. Cassadey is still in love with Justin and So is Justin. Will they get back togther or will Cassadey and Justin alaways just be forever in their hearts.


1. The start

"I thought you  loved me"


 Cassadey's POV

As i drove to the Target. All i could think about was Justin's evil laugh as i walked out of our apartment.Justin was never the evil type but he has done some pretty hurtful things before.When i left Justin was sitting at home drinking a beer. 


                                Justin POV

That 9th beer felt pretty good! I was pretty drunk by now so i called Jessica! She was so hot. Ugh i loved her so much.    J= Justin JJ=Jessica

Phone call

J= hey sexy

JJ= hi babby 

J= wanna come over?

JJ= wont Cassadey be mad

J= Who gives a crap about her 

JJ= ok yea ill be there in 10.

J= okay sexy 


Cassadey's POV

This car ride was so long with Target being an hour away then the high hay being 45 minutes I was gone forever.

*Skipping the 45 minutes



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