Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


4. The lovely chicken in my head.

Maj’s POV.

I laughed a bit, as I had poked Anita at her shoulder. We were walking at the street and went past a few stores, maybe we should stop somewhere to get some food? I am hungry after all, and I feel my stomach is eating me from the insides.

“Yo gurl and dude! Shall we stop somewhere and get some delicious food?” I asked with a small smile, while I made the dog face at them. No one can say no to my doggy face!

“Uhm, I’m not really that hungry right now.” Anita said, while she looked at dude for a moment. Dude just shrugged, as she looked at me.

“Well, where do you want to eat mate?” Dude asked, while I had my attention on Anita for a moment.

“Why aren’t you hungry?” I asked her with my worried look, as Anita shrugged a bit. “Just not hungry.” She answered me.

“Bitch! You need to get some food!” I said with a bit high voice, while I threw my hands up in a frustration way.

“Why do you need to choose if I shall have food or not?” Anita asked me, while she took an inhale of her cigarette and blew out a small air of smoke.

“Because you need to eat with me and dude! I do not like to watch you sit there and not eat, while you just watch us eat! That is not fair! “I said with a bit sad voice, as I hung my head down.

“Fine then…” Anita said, as she threw her cigarette down on the ground and twisted her foot on it, so it was dead.

“What shall we eat?” Anita asked me, as she stared at me with her hands in her pockets.

“Uhmm….Chines box?” I asked, while I looked at Anita and dude for a moment. I could really like to eat something like that right now, since I love chines boxes. So…delicious.

“Fine by me.” Dude said, as she smiled a bit at both Anita and I.

“As long we can go past a store to get some cigarettes, it was my last one before.” Anita said, as we all three started to walk up at the street so we could get to the chines restaurant.


I saw that dude went first to order, as soon we had gotten to our favorite chines restaurant. She ordered a big box with noodles, chickens and carry-sauce. For some funny reason she really love Carry-sauce, that’s funny.

My Girl was the next one to order, she love the rice with only chicken on. That chicken does look very lovely today, so crispy and juicy. Oh my god I just love that chicken!

This time it was I to order, I like the noodles too uh! Moreover, that lovely chicken!   

I got some of the lovely chicken in, along with some small spring rolls. (Spring rolls efter Google Translate er forårsruller.)

After we had ordered our food, we soon found a bench that we could sit at and eat.

I listen to what my dude was saying, lately she had gotten a new love for a group of creeps?

“Scary story dude.” I said, as I took some of that lovely chicken in my mouth. Oh My God! That taste! It was so amazing.

“Scary? Nah you have not heard the scariest one yet, anyway-“dude said, as she threw the box out when she were done. “I thought about if any of you will get home to me in the weekend? “ She asked Anita and me.

“What day and what time?” Anita asked, while she took out a cigarette from her pocket. She lighted it up and inhaled deeply.

“Well from a day you want, until you don’t want our company anymore” dude said with a chuckle, as she looked at us.

“I will get home to you Friday dude, and then we can game!” I said with joy in my voice.

“I think I might join later, I need to ask my stepmother about it first.” Anita said, as she was trying to finish her smoke.

“Sounds great.” Dude said, as she smiled at us.

Anita and I soon got finish with our boxes, we threw them out just like dude did where we then walked a bit around the stores. 

I really like spending time with my girl again, moreover I can’t wait for the weekend to get by. 

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