Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


7. The heat night

Anita’s POW.


I laughed a bit as I took another sip from my drink, it was all just nice being here with Dude and Bacon with me. Being home at Dude’s place and get a few drinks, that was just one of the amazing things in life.


We were playing a drinking game, which is ‘I had never’ simply was the rules. You asked a question, if you have done it then you drink on it. If not, you just don’t drink at all. Funny game we made, even so Dude isn’t the big drinker. She doesn’t like Alcohol at all, but its fine. She got her soda to get drunk in.

It had almost been past 01:00 in the night, dude and Bacon wanted to get in bed and so did I.

I yawned a bit as we walked down to Dude’s bedroom, she had fold out her bed for me and Bacon to sleep on so dude herself took the guest bed. We wished each other a good night, before we went to bed.

Bacon was being lovely, she kept caressing my cheek and nuzzle my shoulder with her nose. It was strange, she had never been this lovely toward me. Is it really, because she is to drunk?

I saw that dude had her headset on tonight, she always sleeps with music in her ears. At times it looked comfortable, but how come she feel comfortable with the headset on her head? Is it even soft enough for her head?

I looked at Bacon for a moment, as I felt a light kiss on my neck.

“Bacon, what are you doing?” I asked her, while she just made a small chuckle.

“Dude is asleep, I can hear the change of her breath.” Bacon said, as she caressed my arm a bit.

“So?” I asked her, while I looked at the Television for a moment, it had a comedy show running so we could fall asleep to something.

“Want to do something fun?” Bacon whispered in my ear, as she lightly and gently bit into it.

I moaned a bit, but took myself in it and hold my hand at my mouth.  Bacon just chuckled a bit as she looked at me.

“Are you insane?” I asked her, while I  tried to make a hard glare on her, it just failed because I couldn’t really focus on doing it.

“She can’t hear anything, beside that we are all alone in the house. Her mum is sleeping too.” Bacon told me as she caressed her hand along my breast.

“Im not sure on this” I told her while I removed her hand again.

“Oh come on…” Bacon begged me, as she stroked my cheek for a moment. She looked at my with those puppy dog eyes.

“Why are you even doing it?” I whispered, just in case Dude really wasn’t asleep.

“Im horny yo…and you are my gurl right?” Bacon asked me, as she made that smile on me.

She kissed me softly at my cheek, before I felt her hand stroking my breast for a moment. I shut my eyes closed, as I felt the heat building up in my stomach. This was a bit wrong, I know it is since dude is right next to us in the other bed.

I felt Bacon’s lips against my neck again, I couldn’t handle but moan a bit. The pleasure was building inside my stomach.

Her hand had slowly slipped down belong my stomach and caressed my hip gently, how come she be this lovely and caring now?  I was confused, or maybe it was just the alcohol who played games with us both.

“I love your sounds Nita gurl.” Bacon whispered in my ear.

“You aren’t fair” I mumbled under my breath, when I let out another moan.

 I closed my eyes as I felt how my body betrayed my mind, I let it happened as I felt the pleasure build more up inside me.

The night was long, the comedy show stuck in my mind, but I will never forget how Bacon had treated me that night.

It was first when the sunrise got through the windows that I knew it was over.

I don’t know if I would call it amazing or not, I think I am confused over what happened.

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