Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


10. Staying at Dude's

Maj’s POV.

It was my last weekend in the summer-holiday, a lot have happened before the holiday, also in between the days. Now, the summer-holiday was over for me, at least I’m home at dude’s place and shall be there for almost a week along.

I smiled a bit, the thought about getting dude out on Friday, to her first time in town drinking alcohol made me a bit happy. She wished me and Nita gurl to be there for her, be her first mates in town to drink with her. We need to figure out what she might like, there are so many options and yet so little time.

I still think it would be funny, maybe we can get her drunk? Nah, we need to relax a bit about it. It is her first time with alcohol after all, we won’t like making her drunk the first time.

“So you want to watch next episode, mate?” Dude asked me, my eyes got on her second computer screen. She actually made me watch an Anime called ‘SAO’ or the long version of it ‘Sword Art Online’. I kind of like the story, people trapped in a virtual world, no log out button at all and the fact they needed to clear the game was nice.

“Sure, what episode are we at?” I asked her, while I adjusted my laptop on my lap.

“Not sure, but we are over more than 2. “ Dude joked a bit, I just made a small laugh.

“Just set the next one on, we can get in a dungeon after that.” I told her, my character in Wow (World of Warcraft) was on a quest right now to fly somewhere and discover a land. Boring if you ask me, but I need to make it for the XP so I can level up.

We both sat and watched SAO, Dude already have seeing it, but I like she still don’t spoil anything for me. Only that one of the main-characters was a bitch, after Dude’s mind. The reason for it? Well I don’t even know that yet, I hope she tell me. Until now I think Asuna was quite nice, even sexy to look at with those big boobs.

I love boobs.

Even if they are animated, even dat ass! Damn!

“Get that boner away, now bacon.” Dude said, as she had been looking at me.

“Oh come on! She is sexy!” I argued back again, as I made a pout at her.

“She is a bitch!” Dude argued back, her eyes slightly narrowed.

“But why?! You never told me! It’s so unfair you tell she is a bitch, but don’t even tell me why she is a bitch!” I told her back, my arms crossed over my chest as I stared at the screen.

“You are coming to it soon, so chillax mate!” dude said, as she looked at the screen. It was a scene, to where the main-characters Kirito and Asuna was sitting on a bench. Asuna had made them lunch, since she did not thought they could eat somewhere else under their investigation.

“You are coming to it now, look at that food! How delicious that looks like, watch what she is doing.” Dude told me, I looked at the screen. Seeing the characters enjoyed their first bite of the sandwiches, Kirito had spoken about something, which only earned him a punch at his shoulder.

I looked at his sandwich got on the ground, soon it was gone since it got crystallized by the games codes.

“BITCH!” Dude then shouted out, as Kirito had gotten sad over his sandwich was lost. Even Kirito was down on his hands and knees, whining a bit over it.

“Wait what?” I asked, my eyes got on dude again this time.

“Is she a bitch, just because she made him lose his sandwich?” I asked her.

Dude nodded, she kept pointing at Asuna and Kirito as she had pause the episode.

“Really? She is a bitch just for that?” I asked, my arms crossed over my chest again as I looked slightly annoyed at dude.

“Not just that! Did you noticed last episode? Asuna forced Kirito to accept her party invitation, she even threat him with a butter knife!” Dude said a bit upset, as she hold her finger pointed at Asunas figure.

“She isn’t a bitch just for that, really you got upset that ea-“

“SHE IS A BITCH GOT DANGIT! YOU KNOW WHY SOON!” Dude cut me off, I just raised my hands in the air, showing I didn’t meant to insult her by saying what I did.

“Chillax dude, you mad bro?” I asked with a small smile, even Dude chuckled a bit by that.

Then suddenly she looked so serious. “I’m so mad bro, what cha gonna do about it?” She asked me. Then we both just burst out laughing, yeah we might had a lame humor, but at least we understood it and that was important!

We only sat and watched the rest of the anime, even gaming once and a while to go through a dungeon. It was almost midnight, time for bed and for my work to start by the morning. Luckily, it was only a 20 minutes’ walk from dude’s house, so I could at least sleep a bit longer at the mornings.

The night went through when we had gone to bed, mostly we only speak a few minutes before one of us fell asleep.


~Next Morning~


I heard my alarm beep up under my pillow, I groaned a bit as I rubbed my eyes so the sleep could get out from them. I yawned, my body and mind still feel tired. I looked over at dude, seeing she were peacefully asleep.

Well I did promise her to call her when I woke up, but isn’t it a bit early even for her?


No it’s not, she normally gets up at 5 AM.

“Dude” I called, no reaction from her.

“Duuuude!” I called again, but still no reaction from her.

I leaned over to her leg, I then held my phone out and poked her leg. It was there she woke up, as she spoke out a soft “Uhmm?”

“I need to go soon, do you want to get up?” I asked her, while I already was out from the bed.

“Yeah su-“ She yawned a bit as she spoke” re. What time is it?” She asked me afterwards, as she sat up in her bed and ran a hand through her hair.

“Around 6:59, but I thought we could just get up and talk before I need to go.” I said, as I stood from the guest bed beside dude’s.

“Sure, maybe I can game a bit while you are at work. We are almost at level 2 in our guild, so if I just go through some dungeons all day maybe I can reach our guild up there?” Dude said, she got her pants and took them on while she yawned a bit.

“That do be great, then we get 10% more speed wasn’t it? Or was it 10% Gold we got?” I asked, I went over to dude’s door and unlocked it.

Yes, dude locked her door doing the nights. The reason behind it is simply, her cat somehow manage to open the door to her room.

So in that case, she needs to lock it so they aren’t going to get out on hunting their cat.

Their cat is soooo lovely, she farted on me on a point. It smelled terrible, but it was her way to say ‘that bitch is mine’ right?

“Don’t remember, we go check later.” Dude mumbled, she had followed me out from her room and went down to her gamer room instead, she unlocked the door and let me inside to get some of my stuff.

I saw that she turned on her Pc, as she stretched her arms in midair.

“When was it you are off, mate?” Dude asked me, as she sat down in her office chair and looked at me with a sleepy smile.

“Well, it’s Friday so I’m off at 12:30 or around 13.00. “ I replied, while I packed my bag, I let a yawn escape my mouth, but I covert it with my hand.

“Hmm, shall my mother and I come get you? I think she wants to get to the store later, or do you prefer to get up here after your work?” She asked me, I just thought about it.

It did sound very nice if they could get me, but they are too sweet to even do that again. They already picked me up from work three times this week, just because I am sleeping at her place.

“Err…uhmm…” I hesitated, my eyes were on the floor.

“You know it’s fine if you don’t want too, I just thought if my mother and I should get out to the stores that we could pick you up. “ Dude explained, while she smiled kindly at me.

“I would prefer not to be picked up today, that would be nice.” I said, as I made a small awkward chuckling.

“It’s fine, have a good day though, I see you later.” Dude said, as she followed me out to the front door.

“Thanks, see you later.” I replied back, while I adjusted my headset and turned up the music. Oh yes! Sleep Party People!


As I walked away, I listened to my favourite artist. 

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