Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


5. Skype calling

Anita’s POV.

It had been a bit over three weeks since I had been with Bacon and Dude, however it’s almost time for me to speak with them over Skype.

I sat in my bed, and held my laptop on my lap. I was reading a story I just couldn’t let me, it had such a good plot and a very nice written story. I looked at Skype for a moment, as a calling message popped up on my screen. It was Dude who called me, I took my earplugs and got them in my ears as i accepted the call.

The talk wasn’t too long, since dude was about to get out from the house. At times I wish we could speak longer, unless when it was very important what we should do. I sighed a bit as it was stuck with Bacon again, she keeps speaking about this…Abdul the whole time.

 Its like she had gotten another one than me, not that I really care.

“Bacon….” I said sternly, as I heard what she said.

“What gurl? All im saying is I will be off for a few minutes, Abdul is going to call me an-“

“I don’t want to hear about it! No matter what, you shall always speak with Abdul! What about me? What about dude? When do you actually want to speak with us for once, or are we just some boringness for you?” I asked her with a slightly mad voice.

“Gurl….” Bacon started. “I always use to speak with Abdul before he goes to bed, and it will only be Ten Min-“

I didn’t care about it, I just hang up the call and got my earplugs out. I noticed Bacon tried to call me again, however, I didn’t took it.

I need a smoke anyway.

I stood from my bed and placed the laptop away from me, a smoke would be good.

I sat outside, while I had lighten up a cigarette. I inhale from the cigarette, as I had looked up at the sky. It was lovely tonight. The stars were up, and they shined so bright.

I chuckled a bit, as I remember something funny. A good joke Dude always said when something where..shining.

I shook my head a bit, before I took another inhale from the cigarette.

It  took me another five or ten more minutes before I was finish. I had gotten inside again, taking a can soda with me from the fridge before I went inside my room again.

I noticed how many Skype messages I got, a bit over 100 if not 150. Only from Bacon and a few from Dude. Was she already back?

I took a seat in my bed, getting my laptop too me and plugged in the earplugs again before I joined the group chat again.

“I don’t understand why dude! She just left me hanging like I was nothing!” Bacon cried out, she sounded so depressed. Oh well I know im amazing but she really didn’t mean to make that big drama over it.

“Bacon, im sure she just needed to get a small smoke. You know her, at times it calms her.” I heard Dude speaking.

“Damn those Nexus creeps!” She suddenly shouted, oh she must be playing again. Right when doesn’t she play?

 “Dude! Stop playing that damn LoL game and speak with me!” Bacon cried out, “I can’t right now! Teemo is in troulble! Poor guy! He is gangbanged in the middle!” dude said with a whine.

Oh that little rat thing? It is cute but…Teemo? Really? Sucky name if you ask me.

“Why can’t I speak?” I asked them, as I smiled a bit while they suddenly was silent.

“ANIATA BABE! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!” Bacon cried with a bit angry voice.

“I was getting a smoke, do you want to calm down?” I asked her with a sternly voice.

“I feel like the child from you two who’s parents are divorced!” Dude called in the middle

At times I think about it too, funny fact was that we act like we were together. Or…did Bacon knew it? I was confused at times, she kept telling she loved me and wanted to make me happy. But did she mean it? Or was it fun and games?

“Are you playing LoL again Dude?” I asked dude instead, I can’t have power to speak with Bacon right now.

“Yes I am, im playing as Ashe. You know the hunter girl with the ice arrows and that?” Dude asked me, hell I know nothing about that game.

“Yeah I know her..” I answered a bit weirdly.

“No you don’t.” Dude chuckled “Its fine, I just want to finish this match before I am off again from the gaming.” She explained to me.

“fine then…then…what will you do?” I asked her.

“Hallo! Am I just invisible here?!” Bacon called out.

“I think I will go get a drink and then I will listen to you two, whatever you have to say. So brb. I will grab me a soda” Dude said before I heard her mic turned off.

“Anita! Gurl! Please? Speak with me?” Bacon called out.

“What If I don’t want?” I asked her, as I opened my own can of soda.

“you need to!” Bacon cried out as she sounded more depressed.

“Fine…how are you?” I asked her with a uncaring voice, as I took a sip from my soda.

“Kiss kiss?” bacon tried.

“Im not kissing you” I said with a small chuckle.

“Heeey! Me Maj!” Bacon chuckled.

Right now I think that my bed is calling my name. However I won’t go before Dude is back so I can say so. I don’t trust bacon in telling I left to get in bed.

The rest of the evening we only talked like always.

It normally ended that I shouted to Bacon and she shouted back again. Then we both hang up the skype call.

I only went to my bed after that. Yawning as I pulled up the covers. 

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