Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


2. Meeting my Girl!

Maj’s POV:

I giggled a bit, as paw had kept tickling me after I had called my girl.

“PAW STOP IT NOW!” I said, as I slapped his hands away from  me.

“Come on! Its been so long time ago I had some fun with you.” Paw said with a pout at his lips. I sighed, I can’t stand the sight of people making ‘Dat Pout’ on me. know? Just so sad!

“Aww Paw baby!” I whine, as he hugged Paw.

“Tickle time!” I heard Paw shouted out, as he grabbed my waist and tickled me again.

“NOO! Paw! S-Stop it!” I giggled, as I slapped his hands away from me again. The bus stopped at the bus stop, where I should get off and meet my dude and my girl.

“See you Paw! Thanks for a good evening last night!” I called, before I just manage to get off the bus. I smiled and waved at Paw who sat in the bus still. It slowly drove away, and left me alone at the bus stop. It was in a small alley, where a store called Netto is too.

I looked at my phone, seeing the clock only was 10.40. Enough time to get a energy drink! I turned and walked down to Netto, they always had a few cheap drinks. Uh! I could get one for my girl too! Well…dude doesn’t drink such things so..she just get a cola.

Heh hheh… Me mate and me Maj.

I got the two energy drinks, along with a cola where I went out from the store again. I saw Anita waited at the bus stop.

“Yo Anita! Babe!” I called, while I smiled as I held up an energy drink. “I got something for you!” I called, while I walked up closer to her.

Anita did look a bit amused over it, she at times didn’t like people just buying something to her. But she do accept it anyway, unless you actually got with her in the store and ask her if she wants something.

“Is that for me?!” Anita asked, while she had looked at the energy drink.

“Of course!” I answered with a small smile, I handed her the energy drink and saw her eyes bright up a bit. She could need the energy anyway!

“Where is Dude?” Anita asked, as she popped opened the energy drink and took a ship.

“She texted me, she was on a bus now but it was quite late.” I answered, while I popped opened my own energy drink. Just before I was about to get a sip from the lovely liquid, Anita asked me a question.

“So have you been drinking?” she asked, as I just stared at her.

“Drinking? Me? Pffffffffft! I could never do that!” I laughed, as he took a huge gulp of the energy drink.

“Suuure,” Anita said, as she too took another ship from her drink. I knew she were teasing me, but I still love her.

We sat down together at the bench, waiting for our friend Dude. We know it was wrong to call her dude, since she were a girl and all that. But you know what? We don’t actually care.

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