Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


9. Happiness?

Dude’s POV.

I’m sitting in my room right now, a bit tired after having my friends over. I have been tired all day, but really it’s my own fault. My head is hurting but I know it will soon go away, as I have taken a few painkillers a few minutes ago.

Right now thought, I’m roleplaying with one of my friends from another country while I’m listening to some music.

First Song: Hollywood Undead – S.C.A.V.A

When the end is getting closer, and the earth has burned the sky. Now repent ‘cause it’s all over. Just let me die.

I looked at my skype, while the small noise it made got up. Someone wrote to me, could it already be one of the girls?

I dragged my mouse over to skype, as I slowly clicked it opened again. I saw it was from my friend who lived in Philippines. A small smile spread along my lips, it’s been a while since I heard from her.

Second song: Natalie Merchant – My skin.

Take a look at my body, look at my hands. There’s so much here, that I don’t understand. Your face saving promises, whispered like prayers, I don’t need them.

I’ve been treated so wrong, I’ve been treated so long, as if I’m becoming untouchable. Contempt loves the silence, it thrives in the dark, with fine winding tendrils, that strange the heart.

They say that promises, Sweeten the blow, but I don’t need them. No, I don’t need them.

It’s been a time ago since I last answered my Roleplay, however it’s a bit hard for me to answer when I don’t know what to do. I needed to think for a moment, my character need to be evil somehow, however, I can’t really write the thing right now.

I let out a sigh, while I held my hands on my keyboard while typing: Smaug the magnificent had looked at his little mate, buried deep against his chest. His human form had indeed been a help for him to make sure he could protect his new found mate. Since the Dwarfs had sent the half-Dragon in, he had claimed the little one as his mate. It was nearly time for Smaug himself to make himself a small pack of heir’s, he would do it with his new found mate, liking it or not…..He will make heir’s before the upcoming Full moon.

I looked at my screen as I saw Bacon was calling me, I let out a small sigh before I took my headset on and turned a bit down for the music. I clicked ‘Accept’ to the call as I rested my arms down on my desktop.

“Hey Bacon, home and gotten a bath?” I asked through the microphone.

“Heeeey Duuuuude! Yes im clean again, hehe… Mate “ she said with a small childish laugher.

I smiled a bit as I listened to her for a while, she could always make me smile even if im in a depressing mode.

“So what shall we do? Gaming or just talking?” I asked her, before I held my hands on my keyboard again. I needed to make another answer to my Roleplay.

“I think gaming would be fun, some Garry’s mod?” Bacon asked me, as I smiled for a moment. “Sure, Prop Hunts?” I asked her, while my fingers was typing fast on the keyboard.

Smaug had growled, while he pinned the youngling half-dragon down in the pile of furs. “I will claim you as mine, even if you like it or not!” he roared against the younth, while it had struggled against him as soon it had woken up. The black haired half-dragon had maybe glared at him, but Smaug wasn’t to push around with. It was him who was in charge! Him who people feared! Him who was…Death!

“Hey duuuude!” Bacon almost shouted through the skype call.

“Sorry what?” I asked, as he held my hands up from the keyboard a moment.

“I asked you something, but you are in your little world again.” She sing sang a bit with an annoying voice.

“you know I’m Roleplaying right now Bacon, so sorry that I’m a bit off.” I told her with a small chuckle, as he had pushed send to the roleplay.

“Oh which one is it now?” She asked me, as I felt my cheeks heat a bit up for a moment.

I always felt somehow awkward to speak about the Roleplay’s I’m making, however, Bacon didn’t seem to care much about it. Maybe she is just interesting to hear about the story plot?

“Uhm, you know since….Nugget and I had watched The Hobbit Desolation Of Smaug? That moment I just made a joke about Smaug and Toothless? Yeah…now we are sort of making it now. “ I mumbled as I looked a bit down at my desktop.

“oh really?” Bacon asked me with a small chuckle. “There is some Bad Dragons going on right?” she asked me, as I covert my hand over my eyes.

“Please don’t even mention that, its not me who is in that talk Bacon!” I spoke a bit annoyed.

“Oh come on, that is really a Bad Dragon Moment!” She exclaimed, as I let out a small sigh.

“If you say so, however, shall we play Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt? Or maybe you want to play a bit World of Warcraft with me? Just take a free time for now if so, then we can always pay later if we will continue.” I told her kindly, as I sat my playlist on shuffle again.

“Sure….” Bacon mumbled, as I heard her yawn a bit at the skype call.

“Not gotten that powernap you wanted?” I asked her, while I sat a bit silent in my chair and looked at my screen.

“Nah, I thought I just wanted a bath and then right on here. I can sleep tonight.” Bacon explained to me.

“Alright, heard anything from Nita?” I asked her, as I looked at my screen where my Roleplay was on.

“Not yet, I think she was looking for her nephew again. Maybe he ran off or something like that…baaah!” Bacon said, as I made a small chuckle.

“Let’s just hope she gets on soon, I will maybe go in three hours. I got something tomorrow I need to get up for, so I need my sleep you know?” I asked her, while I looked at my playlist while a new song was playing.

Third Song: Florence + The Machine – Breath of Life.

I was looking for a breath of a life. For a little touch of heavenly light. But all the choirs in my head sang no, oh oh oh.

To get a dream of a life again. A little vision of the start and the end. But all the choirs in my head sang, no oh oh oh.

But I needed one more touch. Another Taste of heavenly rush. And I believe, I believe it’s so oh oh oh.

And I needed one more touch. Another taste of divine rush. And I believe, I believe it’s so oh oh oh.

Whose side am I on? Whose side am i? Whose side am I on? Whose side am i?

And the fever began to spread. From my heart down to my legs. But the is so quiet, oh oh oh oh.

And althought I wasn’t losing my mind. It was a chorus so sublime. But the room is so quiet, oh oh oh.


“Anyway….” I said, as Bacon didn’t really answer me. “I was thinking if you wanted to be my parents photograph on their wedding?” I asked her.

“Hmmm dude?” She asked me, as I sat a bit quiet

“Oh don’t tell me you can’t make it either?” I asked with a small whine.

“Nugget already said she should do something else, I don’t want to lose you in this too. I’m going to be all alone!” He said with a pout, but I know bacon couldn’t see it.

“It was not that! I can come that day, I just need to empty the memory cards to the camera, chillax dude!” bacon said as she chuckled a bit, I let out a small breath as I looked at the skype for  a moment.

Kawaii-butt got on.

“She’s on now” I spoke, as I dragged my mouse over to Nita’s photo and clicked on ‘add to group chat.’

I can at least speak with them the last few hours before I get to bed, maybe even ask them when they want to visit me again sometime.

I might not say it, but when they are here at my place. I don’t feel lonely and sad as I use to do.

They are making me happy again, they make me feel wanted, but most of all….

I feel like people need me now, just someone who they can talk to, who they can turn to and be with…I feel….like I’m a friend.

Something I haven’t felt for years, I never felt people wanted to be my friend. I never felt like people wanted me to exist, but right now…with them. I feel like happy. 

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