Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


8. Did i do it?

Maj’s POV.

In the morning I groaned a bit as I felt my phone move under my hand, I knew I should get up because I had a payment to do through my phone. But my head hurts and I feel all flushed all over my body.

I yawned a bit while I slowly lifted myself up from the bed, my head was thumbing and I felt dry in my throat. I saw dude was hard asleep and her bed sheet had been halfway over her. I hold back a chuckle as I always thought she lied on the weirdest ways when she slept.

I rubbed the sleep out from my eyes, as he took the paper with the payment codes on. Slowly I had gotten my bank account opened through my phone and was typing in the codes.

My attention soon got caught as my gurl moved a bit beside me. She had been asleep and….wait what…

Nita was half naked beside me. Why was she that? What happened last night?

I soon heard a yawned near my, my head turned as I looked at dude while she swift her position in the bed. “You awake?” I asked in a low voice.

“Uhmm…” She hummed which I knew means ‘let me sleep got dammit’

“Hey…dude…” I asked while I had moved a bit away from Anita.

“Uhmm?” Dude hummed in her half sleep.

“Do you….know what we did last night? After we went to bed that is?” I asked her, my hands played a bit with my hair. What if I had done something wrong?

“We played ‘I have never’ a last time. We went to bed and sat some random comedy show on. After that I fell asleep…don’t know much” She mumbled, as she held her bed sheet more up under her chin.

“What time is it?” She asked me

“Almost 6am “I answered her as my eyes had been at Nita Gurl beside me.

“night then…” dude mumbled as I heard her breath was changing after a few seconds. Even thought she doesn’t drink. She is pretty tired at the mornings when we was late up last night.

I stared at the Tv in front at me after a while. I don’t remember what happened.

It was maybe an hour after that I felt Nita gurl moved beside. I noticed she woke up beside me.

“Morning….” I greeting her with a low voice.

Nita Gurl was quiet for a moment. Then she sat up and made a poke at my nose.

“Ouch! Hey that actually hurts!” I whined a bit.

“You deserve that!” Nita hissed under her breath

“What did I do?!” I asked her while I rubbed my fingers at my nose. Damn such nose pokes can hurt like hell!

“Getting drunk and lovely. Trying to touch me and then just sleep on me without going further?! I’m disappointed!” She said as she fold her arms

“Wait what?” I asked her confused

“Don’t act dumb” Nita gurl mumbled under her breath as she got her shirt proper on again.

“But I’m not acting. Well not know at least…” I mumbled

“When dude fell asleep. You started to touch me” Nita gurl told me.

“I did what?!” I asked with a small whined voice.

“I even allowed you but then you just fell asleep on me. Your hand even on my breast. Somehow I’m relived but then again… you just fell asleep. Like that!” she almost shouted at me.

“Get a room you two…” dude mumbled from her bed.

I couldn’t handle but crack a small laugh by her comment. “We are in your room dude” I comment with a chuckle.

“Get another room then?”  She asked sleepy before she sat up and yawned a bit.

“What time is it now?” She asked, her head a bit bent as she seem pretty tired.

“7:14 “ I answered her.

She let out a small whine before she let her body fell down in the bed.

“Do not go to sleep again!” I whined at her.

“Whyyy?” She asked me with a tired voice.

“Because we shall get up now. Bacon shall get to the station and I shall get home too.” Nita gurl answered.

“Fine. Five more minutes then…” Dude said as she took her bed sheet over herself again

“DUDE!” Both me and Nita shouted at her.

“IM AWAKE! Got dangit!” dude cursed as she had sat up with a jolt.

[Hours Later]

I could see dude was already half asleep at the passenger’s seat in her mother’s car, they were nice enough to drive Nita and me home. Or rather… first they drove Nita home nearby then, they drove me to the station so I could get home.

“Thanks again for a good evening Dude, and thanks for getting me here” I said with a kind smile.

“You welcome. You know we do like to do anything for you right?” Dude spoke soften, but yet very tired.

I managed a small smile as I looked at dude. “I know…thanks again.” I told her before I opened the car door.

“Text me when you get home alright?” Dude asked me before I left the car.

“Yes ma’am “ I said as we both had chuckled for a moment. I closed the door as soon I got out from the car and waved at dude and her mother. Then I took off to my bus.

I got my headphones on, while I was waiting for my bus. Ten minutes then it should be here.

I still can’t get it out from my head, for a moment I thought I had raped nita gurl. Luckily….i was to tired to attempting to do it.

I smiled a bit, as he felt my  head hurting once again. Maybe this is a good punishment enough for me?

I yawned a bit, holding my hand in front at my mouth. When I get home, I do get a power nap then I will get on skype to hear what the gurls are doing. My bus got there after 8 minutes, I got on the bus and soon took a seat by the window so I could look out.

My body is tired and flushed, but a long warm bath will maybe help it.




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