Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


6. Agreement

Maj’s POV.


My gurl had gone to bed and now im stuck with dude, how come it be I’m always stuck in the end with dude? I sighed a bit when  I listen to what dude was saying.

“You know it’s only about practices, the first thing you need to know is simple, figure out what champion you like the most. A champion that you can figure out how to play. “Dude spoke, while I simply looked at a photo of me and my gurl.

“sure dude, whatever you say. “ I mumbled, before I let out a yawn.

“You tired Bacon?” She asked me, while I heard she took a sip from her bottle of soda.

“A bit, I miss my gurl already. How come it be she always leave?” I asked dude, as I let out a sigh.

“She gets tired easily, beside that I believe she got a headache.” Dude said to me, really? She got a headache all of sudden and for what?

“what should that be for?” I asked dude, while I played a bit with my hair for a while. Trying to sort out  a few hairs. I think I want to call them different names. This one could be  Karl, that one Bob, uh uh! I will name one for Markiplier! Oh he is so funny!

“Bacon!” dude suddenly snapped, I lifted my head a bit and hummed a simple ‘yes?’

“Did you listen to me or did you sort your hair again?” she asked me.

“errrrrr” I mumbled.

“you sorted your hair again right?” dude asked me, as I let out a small chuckle.

“no no no no..i did not…” I told her.

“let me guess. You gave them name too? Like Bob or…Markiplier?” Dude asked me.

“Alright! What do you want from me? So what if I call them names?!” I said with a fake crying voice.

“You  are addicted mate” dude sang a bit annoying.

“So what? You are addicted too…er….fuck a goat! Yes that’s what you are addicted too! Ha! I won” I said with a happy tone in my voice.

“If you say so” dude said, and I swear I could see it for me that she rolled her eyes on me.

“Don’t even roll your eyes on me dude.” I mumbled a bit low.

“I didn’t.” Dude said against me.

“You did…” I mumbled sadly.

“Well, if not you mind mate. I do like to get in bed too. But we talk with each other tomorrow.” Dude said, as I could hear her yawn.

“Fine whatever, I speak with you tomorrow too. Goodnight dude.” I told her, while she greeting me a goodnight too.

Our chat closed down, I closed my computer and took off my headphones. I let out a yawn before I held my laptop aside and got under my covers. Slowly I  let my sleep take over my body.

---- Time Jump, Switch of POV to Dude.----

I focused on the game I was playing, to have started on steam and get games on it was just a perfect thing. I sat in a Skype call with Bacon and Nita, I could hear them speak about something but, my focus was on the game.

‘Damit!’ I thought, while I watched my character die.

“Yeah it could be so awesome! What do you say dude?” I heard Bacon speak to me.

“sorry what?” I asked her.

“I said, would it be fine if we get up to you then?” Bacon asked me.

“Uhm….what are we talking about? And when?” I asked her a bit confused.

“Really dude?” Nita asked me.

“Sorry I was focused in a game! Give me a break got dangit” I mumbled.

“Well anyway” Nita said before Bacon broke in her lines.

“We were talking about, Nita don’t want to get to me in Kjellerup and I don’t like to get home to Nita, so can we crush at your place Dude?” Bacon asked me.

“Uhm..when?” I asked them a bit confused.

“Tonight?” they asked me at once.

I looked up at the clock nearby me, seeing its hardly 19:30. A luck it’s a weekend, else I don’t think my mum would had agreed on it.

“Uhm…can you guys wait a moment? You know I need to as my mum first.” I said to them.

“Sure go ask her now then” Nita said as I heard them chuckle a bit.

“Well..Brb then” I said, where I took off my headset and mute my microphone.

“Well I hope he mum says yes. Because it could be so awesome!” Bacon said with a chuckle.

“It would be first time we do drink alcohol up at her place. I hope she doesn’t mind it” Anita said, while they were waiting a bit.

A few minutes past before I returned again to my Laptop. I took on my headset and unmute my microphone.

“My mum told no…” I said with a bit depressed voice.

“What?!” Bacon asked.

“Nah im just kidding!” I said with a chuckle.

“You can just come now if you wish. My mum won’t mind as long we are silent and not to loud.”  I explained to them.

“Good! I will take a bath and get on a bus then!” Bacon said with glee in her voice.

“And I will just take a bath and pack a few  bottles. Bacon text me when you get near dude’s house alright?” Nita asked bacon, as I smiled a bit nervously. I knew they couldn’t see me anyway

“I see you guys then” I said before I got off the call.

Damit now I need to clean the kitchen table. I sighed a bit before he rest my head against the table. And here I thought I was getting to a bed early tonight doing a bad headache.

Well now I can just take some painkillers and wait for it to get over. I sat some music on, where I walked around to clean a bit up. 

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