Anita And Maj's Drama

This is just a fun story i made to my two best friends. but most for the humor and jokes i have between them. Ship: MajxAnita.


1. Morning

Anita’s POV.

I woke up quite late, I looked at my clock and it were almost 10 am. Luckily, it was weekend so I did not needed to get to school. I yawned, while I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out from them. I heard my phone made a noise, my girlfriend Maj or Bacon as I call her had texted me.

I grabbed my phone, type in my code and read the message:

Yo babe! Wanna join me and dude in the town? ;)

I let out a small groan, the town? Just on a day where I got no money to spend. I sighed, reading the text again before I typed back:

Sure why not, I will get my bike and be there in half an hour.

I got out from my bed, getting dressed and walked out to an empty kitchen. My family was out today, they said they would go to Herning to visit a friend or two. I got to the fridge, giving it a quick check before I grabbed a can Soda.

My phone rang in my pocket, I took it out from my pocket and saw it was my girlfriend who rang. What is it now? I thought as he held my phone to my ear to answer it.

“What now bacon?” I asked, while I opened up my soda and took a sip from it.

“Yo Babe, I just want to hear where you wanna met? Dude says she needs to look at a game, I just walk around with her to keep her company.” Bacon said, as she started to giggle a bit while one of her friends tickled her. “Paw stop! It tickles! Im talking with my girl here!” I heard her speak at the phone.

“Bacon….” I said with a sternly voice.

“Sorry babe, paw is just tickling me…” Bacon answered, as she sounded a bit sad.

“Can’t we meet at the bus stop? “ I asked, as I took another sip from the soda. “I don’t expect you and dude in the town already, or what? Bacon? “

“No no! I just need to get out from school first, and dude will be there in a few minutes.” Bacon answered me.

I sighed , while I walked out from the kitchen and checked on my bike. It was full of energy so I could just get going. “I will be there soon, we just meet at the bus stop” I said before I heard Bacon giggled a bit.

“Alright babe, see you. Kiss kiss!” then she hang on.

I rolled my eyes, while thinking it was a bit annoying she kept saying those words ‘kiss kiss’ no one would ‘kiss kiss’ her back again. So why say it?

I grabbed my bag from the living room, getting my phone and wallet in it along with a few other things. I grabbed my key at the kitchen table, where I wrote a quick note to the others. Saying I was out, just in case they do get home before I did.

I got out from my house, locking the door behind me and got my bike. The town was just a few minutes away, so it would be a nice little trip. I just hope Bacon isn’t drunk again. She sounded so lovely, and that was the fact. If bacon sounded more lovely than normal. She would be drink.

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