1. Apathy

Apathy all over me,

It's running through my veins,

I can hear no cries of sorrow,

I can not feel pain,

My heart beats in time

With the lashing of the rain,

And I almost feel emotion

Time and time again

But my efforts, are they wasted?

Should I just respect my fate?

If I cannot feel a thing,

Should I make my feelings wait?

Because, in this world of tragedy,

Commotion and despair,

Is there anyone around me

Who really wants to care?

Should I just shut my mouth

And hope that soon it's done?

Should I just accept the fact

That no one's having fun?

I still don't think it's right,

To press my feelings down,

For I'd hate to think that misery

Couldn't even make me frown.

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