My inspired by a song entry, based on Memory from Cats


1. Here we go , Here's Memory

I sit there, lost in my thoughts. There's no one here but me. Leaves dance around bedore collapsing round my feet and the wind breathes out a loud howl as if in pain. Like me.

I remember the good days where people accepted me and could talk to me. Isolation does beat down the personality but I try to stay strong. Years ago, I fit in with everyone and no one cared how I looked in fact they'd call me beautiful but oh how times have changed. No one could give a damn about me now, sometimes I couldn't careless.

The street lamps flickers almost like a caution, either that or it can't bear to light up such a hazard to the eyes like me. I can hear whispers, probably about how grotesque I've become with age. It's almost morning; I can see the sunrise lighting up the sky in it's jaw-dropping beauty.

Why am I being so insecure? It's been years and yet I'm still going. I can't give up, not yet. Not until they forgive me for my sins. I shouldn't have left my people but this is a bit too much. Soon tonight will be a distant memory as well.

The street lamps' light fades as it dies and the daylight comes in. If only the others would care to sit with me and see the beauty. Remind me and themself of what happiness is.

I must be on my way now. Day has finally dawn

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