Cradle Me To Sleep

Have you ever felt so scared you can't do anything to help yourself or others around you? So truly terrified that you don't know what happens next, do you live or die? Have you ever been in so much pain that you can barely recognise you're alive?

Well, I have, and I can tell you too, there are no happy endings, endings are the saddest part.



1. Chapter 1

*Harrys POV*

"Turn it up more than that! I want to hear it!" Louis shouted to me, reaching over the turn the stereo volume up to at least 50.

"Urgh turn it down! Now it's too loud!" I whined, covering my left ear with my hand, using the other to keep control and steer the car.

''Alright grumpy pants, keep your hair on!'' He laughed turning the volume back down and poking me in the ribs which almost made me loose control of the steering wheel.

''Louis! Look, I love you lots but if you don't behave i'm gonna kick you out of the car and you can walk to the restaurant, okay?'' I told him, keeping my eyes on the road. I saw him sink back in his chair in the corner of my eye.

''Now who's the grumpy one?'' I joked, reaching over and poking him back in the ribs.

''Still you, you'll always be the grumpy one.'' He lied, knowing that he was obviously the grumpy one in this new situation.

''Show off.'' I muttered under my breath, looking to see if he was glaring at me in the corner of my eye. I made it obvious and said it just about loud enough so he could hear what I was trying to say.

''I heard that!'' He shouted to me, making a small grin creep onto my face.

''You were supposed to, it wasn't a secret!'' I told him. I caught him cheekily poking his tongue out at me behind my back.

''I saw that!'' I moaned in a high-pitched voice, like I was almost copying what he had said.

''It wasn't a secret!'' He mimicked in my voice, I quickly leant over to him and playfully tapped him on the hand. He pretended to be a baby and started whining like one, too.

''Because we're mature.'' I said to louis, winking at him. He nodded and sat back up in his seat, adjusting his seatbelt.

"We've been driving for like an hour, where is this restaurant you've been telling me about?" He questioned. I smirked to myself.

"It's not for another 2 hours yet, did I forget to mention?" I teased, making up some sort of excuse just to bug him. He slouched back into his chair and groaned. I knew that the ride was only a further 10 minutes.

Something strange happened.

My heart started to race as I saw 2 lights come speeding towards us. My whole body froze, like my blood circulation was being cut off. My eyes widened as I slammed the breaks on as hard and as fast as I could. The car didn't stop coming towards us, horrifying me and Louis.

"WATCH OU-" Louis screamed, defending his face with his hands. He was soon cut off by the car screeching and slamming full force into the front of us making an earth shattering noise...


*Louis' POV*

Who knew within the matter of 10 seconds our whole lives and the world around us would completely change. In the blink of an eye everything seemed like a blur.

I felt my body being hurled into the air, through the wind screen and onto the road, just like I was some old rag doll owned by a child.

It felt like I was dreaming. Something was terribly wrong, stuff like this doesn't happen to me, it happens to other people. I kept trying to open my eyes, but it wasn't working, they burnt too much.

It felt like waking up in a strange place, not knowing where you are.

I couldn't tell what exactly was happening. I suddenly became aware of an ache that covered my body which made me feel like I was trapped in some sort of hell. I finally got the strength and opened my eyes, they burned so much i immediately pinched them closed again.

"Oh my god! Oh my, oh my god!" A trembling voice shrieked which could make the earth quake.

I struggled to move my head, pain shooting right through me, paralysing my body. I forced a moan out of my numb mouth as I opened my eyes slowly. There was glass every where. Agonising pain completely took over my body, rattling my head around.

"Louis!" I heard someone yell. My ears still weren't fully focused so it not only looked like, but also sounded like a blur.

"God, oh my god," I could hear Harry chanting loudly as he sobbed.

I finally got enough strength and moved my head to the side, I was in a puddle of something. Was it rain? I can't recall it raining...

"Somebody help! Call 999! Help!" Harry screamed, helplessly looking around for someone.

I couldn't move, so I gave up after trying to fight for so long, which wasn't helping the slightest.

My head hit the ground and it felt light, and then I drifted off into a deep sleep. Everything went so dark. So so dark.

Little did any of us know, that sleep would change both of our lives forever.

I just wish I could of said my final goodbyes to my friends and family...

It all happened so fast. Never again would I want to experience something as horrifying as that. The way he clutched my arm, trying to save us both. The way his breathing somewhat stopped over time. The way the car hit us with such force. The sound of him screaming in my ear. The terror that we both endured. If only we stayed at home instead. None if this would of happened and I wouldn't have to go through so much pain. The worst thing is Louis can't even remember it so I feel so alone, like no one understands what i'm going through because in reality, they say they do but they really dont understand what it feels like. Me and my 'great' ideas I guess.

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