Honest Expression


1. I Would Say

I don't claim to know much about love but if i was to write about love, i would write about you

I would say your voice sounds like the perfect melody to my ears, that such a beautiful symphony could only mean your an angel

I would say your pretty smile is to die for, that every time our lips touch i get a taste of heaven 

I would say my eyes shine when i see your face, that having you next to me is the only thing i want to see

I would say my grades are at an all time low, that the only table of content i want to memorize is the one you carry in your heart

I would say you make me feel like superman, that every single day you're by my side i turn weak, fragile and pale as if you're the kryptonite i can't shake off

I would say you make me complete in all sense of the word, that you make me believe in a higher power because who els would make such a beauty just for me

I would say a thousand things about you and a million more but the only one i really want to say to you is... I Love You






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