The Bridge of Aspiration

"I’m an addict.
Ballet is my morphine."

Six months after the death of her father, Erin Weir's mother commits suicide. Orphaned, she is taken to London in a bid to escape the guilt-ridden village of her childhood.
There seems to be no way out of the cycle of depression she's plunged into but then she discovers ballet, a gift that may be powerful beyond anything...


25. A/N

To the beautiful person who made it this far,
Well, this is it.
All finished, or at least, the content is finished but the editing is just beginning.
I doubt that anyone is reading this because I doubt that anyone has actually managed to wade through the many long chapters before this but if you have then I offer you a huge amount of gratitude and some sort of virtual medal.
If you have any constructive criticism I'd be very happy to hear it. I am always happy to hear what you think.

Thank you for being wonderful and loyal and persevering with this tedious piece of writing; I am forever indebted to you,
MereCat xxx

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