No more lies

Have a read :) Carly needs to find the right boy :) Will she?


1. Intro

 "Christie your going to be late!" my mum shouted from downstairs. At that point i was staring at the wall, my eyes were fixed on a portrait of my Grandmother. I fiddled with my hair standing up and looking in the mirror and realizing how much i looked like her. "CHRISTIE!" my mum shouted again, this time i snapped out of my trance, grabbed my bag and rushed down my spiral staircase which lead to the hall. I jumped down the last steps of the stairs and kissed my mother. "Bye mum!" i said as i walked out the door. I checked my phone and saw i had a message, 'Why don't you go and kill your self FATTY!' i had to hold the tears back.

My phone was my only friend, other than Eden. Eden and i have been best friends ever since reception. I don't have any other person. My bag was hurting my shoulder as i walked down the same old road, Ever-old Road. I had to constantly push my glasses up and i tied my hair back into a low pony tail. There was Eden at the side of the road, as always. "Hello..." I said, i did not want to tell her about what those girls do to me. She will get so worried. "Hiya!" she said and hugged my tightly, like i have not seen her for ages.

We got to school and i had to say bye to Eden she had Drama class. Suddenly in the corner of my eye, i could see Laura, Grace and Olivia standing by their lockers, in their cheer leading outfits. I had to walk straight past to get to maths. I walked past with my head down and clutched my books in my hand. Laura came up to me. followed by the others. They started talking "Where are you going, to meet your friend.... oh wait you don't have any!" All the girls laughed as i brushed it off and tried to get aside. "Where do you think your going?" asked Olivia sarcastically. I ran past into my lesson so they couldn't hurt me.

Mr.Kelly was our Maths teacher and we loved him. He would always make me laugh and make us sing a song related to our subjects. I sat down into my chair, to my surprise there was a new kid. "Hello sir, im new, is there any place to sit?" He asked to sir and he pointed next to me. I panicked i am not the best with boys. "Right year 10, today we have a knew student, called?" Sir asked and he sat down at his desk and stretched his arms. "Liam Payne." He said a little bit nervously. He put his bag on the table and sat down. He smiled and run his hand through his hair. "Hi, im Liam," He smiled, i assumed he was friendly. "Im Eden..." I said and put my head down and worked. "What are we doing?" He asked nervously, i told him about Pythagoras' theory and how it works, and we laughed the whole lesson. I felt normal aorund him, like i belonged. "Thanks." He said and nodded. "Ooooh, Liam is talking to the nerd," Grace was mocking us talking. I put my head down on the table and started my work again. Liam had noticed and starting making funny faces at me to cheer me up. Its hard to say it didnt work... 

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