The Pied Piper Of Gotham.

Myra is just your average teenage girl-except that she lives in home, is way too quiet, which has lead to the nickname 'Mouse,' and has researched everything about Gotham City and its Dark Knight.
Making a recent discovery that Bruce Wayne-the closest link to Batman-possibly has a child, she sets off to Gotham City to find out more-but Gotham is treacherous, and its territory is dark and dangerous for people who have never set foot inside it before.
What will Mouse find? Where will her instincts lead her? And who exactly IS the Dark Knight? (Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan)


4. Squint.

        Yawning, I sat down in my seat in form at the end of the day-revision all day for upcoming GCSE's was tiring, even though we had just started a few weeks ago. The school routine took sometime to get used to again. Well, at least it's a Friday. The smell hit my nostrils before he did-once again, Todd Adam Linkins had practically showered in the entire men's section of spray, to 'impress the ladies.'

        "Hey, shrivelled grape head, wakey wakey. You coming to town today for Mollie's sixteenth, or what?" Woops. I'd completely forgotten to mention to Minnie to say that I was going. "You great big red baboon butt! Well done!"

        "Todd. I'll go home, get changed, and ask Minnie. She won't mind. I hope." Todd blew a raspberry in my face and sat down across from me as Mrs Jenkins strolled in to take the register. Everyone was talking in hushed whispers, and there was a loud Yes! as each persons name was called.

        "Wait-Minnie's the nicer one right? The younger one? Oh, come on. I've got some clothes with me, I can get changed at yours. I'll come round and charm her. You know how she likes me, Barney my boy." Todd winked as I pulled a face.  "You got a present, right? And money? Damn straight you'd better have done, fish face."

        "Can you stop calling me stuff please? It's kinda annoying, you constipated moose antler." Todd opened his mouth in fake shock, and tried to throw the pen in his hand at my face. It pinged off of the edge of the table and onto my bag on my lap, scratching at the zip as it tilted and fell onto floor. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Congratulations on your pointless achievement, constipated moose." I reached down to get it and I threw it back at him-landing it square on his chin, leaving a faint small blue spot where the excessive ink on the nib had touched Todd's jawline.

        "That better not have left a mark, baboon butt..." Todd threatened jokingly, going on to talk about how annoying and boring his lessons had been, how unfair and unjust the sub for Biology had been and, once again, how much he fancied the pants off of Holly Mungrove on the other side of the year. When the bell went for the end of the day, I couldn't have gotten out any quicker. "Oi Squint, wait up. I was serious about going to yours, by the way. It's a Friday after all, and that's alright by the rules, isn't it?" I shrugged and nodded as we headed toward the bus stop. "Hey, isn't that your mate Mouse? Look..." Oh, I saw alright. Mouse was standing, hunched, by the bus stop, surrounded by the aggressive bunch of teenagers that lived down the road from our home. There was a shout, and the next thing we knew, Mouse was sitting on the stony ground, one of her eyes starting grow red and puffy, while a thin trail of blood trickled from her nose.

        "Hey! Leave her alone!" The group chuckled as Todd and I walked faster near them, seeming more menacing than they did a second ago. Mouse glanced up at us and just looked...Worn out. Sick and tired. Her eye and nose were a lot worse close up. The bunch of guys tutted at us and walked away as the bus started to admit agitated passengers. "Come on, let's get you home, huh? You got your bus ticket?" Helping Mouse up was like lifting a feather-you didn't realise how light it was until you picked it up. Huh. Maybe that was why she was so quiet when she snuck around. On the long way back, there was the usual noise of the people at the back playing music that was way too loud, the little old ladies as the front complaining about the people at the back, and the people standing  glaring at the us who were sitting in the middle. Todd and I had a two seater; Mouse had bagged a one seater. She had earphones in and had her forehead leaning against the window, the black eye that was forming hidden under her carefully arranged side fringe.

        Our stop was coming up. Todd punched my arm with about as much strength as a dead butterfly, and asked me what I'd gotten for Mollie. "That phone case she's been banging on about and a pair of earphones. Matching, obviously, you know how much Mollie loves matching things. You?"

        "Perfume. And sweets. You know, they are matching-they're both really sickly. So, they match, smartass, ok?" Grinning, Todd pushed the button for the bus to stop and it rang out with a ping! The bus slowed to a stop, and a few people I recognised from various houses up and down the street got off as well. When I looked at Mouse's seat, it was already empty. That was quick. "Hey, Barney, Mollie likes Mouse, doesn't she? Vice versa?" Nodding as I stepped off the bus, Todd must have seen my confused expression, as he hurried to finish his point. "I was thinking if, you know, she'd like to come with us. To Moll's birthday, because of what happened. If it's alright with Moll, of course, pretty sure she won't mind but...What d'you think? D'you think tha Mouse would like that?" I pondered it a bit before I answered.

        "Yeah. I think she would. Now let's go."















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