The Pied Piper Of Gotham.

Myra is just your average teenage girl-except that she lives in home, is way too quiet, which has lead to the nickname 'Mouse,' and has researched everything about Gotham City and its Dark Knight.
Making a recent discovery that Bruce Wayne-the closest link to Batman-possibly has a child, she sets off to Gotham City to find out more-but Gotham is treacherous, and its territory is dark and dangerous for people who have never set foot inside it before.
What will Mouse find? Where will her instincts lead her? And who exactly IS the Dark Knight? (Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan)


2. Squint.

        Something was wrong. With Mouse. Very wrong. She was arguing with everyone, whereas before she hardly talked to anyone, even me. I wanted-needed-to show her the motorbikes I had, uh-acquired-from Hattie down the road. 

        I was in the main office, staring down at my grubby converse, trying hard to not look guilty as the new staff member told me off for 'stealing' stuff. Again.

        "Barney? Barney! Are you even listening to me? I don't know why I even bother with you, Barney. You're fifteen, and I promised I'd have you sorted before you went to the half-way house. You don't care, do you? Oh, just get out of my office. Do whatever fifteen year old boys do these days." Opening the door out of her office, I ran straight into Mouse. Well, more like she ran into me. Mouse was about three inches smaller than.

        "Watch where you're going! Oh, hey Squint. What were you doing in Minnie's office?" I gave her the brief. She punched my arm. "Hey! What was that for?" 

         "For being an idiot and letting her catch you out!" I rubbed my arm, and mentioned the motorbikes. She just said 'Cool' and we both went our different ways-me to check the bikes, and Mouse into Minnie's office, for whatever reason. I wondered what was wrong, it was the fifth time this week and it's only Wednesday. Weird.

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