The Pied Piper Of Gotham.

Myra is just your average teenage girl-except that she lives in home, is way too quiet, which has lead to the nickname 'Mouse,' and has researched everything about Gotham City and its Dark Knight.
Making a recent discovery that Bruce Wayne-the closest link to Batman-possibly has a child, she sets off to Gotham City to find out more-but Gotham is treacherous, and its territory is dark and dangerous for people who have never set foot inside it before.
What will Mouse find? Where will her instincts lead her? And who exactly IS the Dark Knight? (Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan)


5. Mouse.

        "Ah..." I blew air through my teeth as I held several cold, wet tissues to my swelling eye and bright red nose. Instantly, the stereotypical image of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer popped into my head. What a great picture for my already deteriorating mood. In the unforgiving mirror, my reflection gave an angry death stare at this far-off thought. Blood started to seep mercilessly out of my nose again, so I threw the current tissues I had in my hands in the bin in exchange for fresh tissues from the box of Kleenex above the sink. Red blossomed quickly on the balled up, soft material in my fist. Sighing, I threw that one in the basket we called a bin, and collected several tissues. I raised one of the tissues to my nose and turned to go back to my room. Crashing onto my bed, I made care to make sure I didn't accidently thwack my black eye or my steadily trickling nose. It was fair to say that I absolutely hated Rudy and his gangs guts.

        There came a knock at my door. Lifting my head, I saw that it was Squint. And-Todd, I think it was. The one who was with Squint at the bus stop. "Hi, Mouse. Is it alright if  call you that? You should tip your head forwards and pinch the bridge if you've got a nosebleed-yeah, like that. So I was wondering if-oh, this is stupid, Barney, she wouldn't want to. You ask her." Raising my eyebrows, I sat up and tipped my head forwards, pinching the bridge-even when I made sure not to touch my bruise, it hurt and made my head feel funny. And kinda gross. Still, it made the blood stream slow and eventually stop.

       Rolling his eyes, Squint said, "Mouse, Todd would like to know if you'd like to come to Mollie Brenchers birthday party tonight. It'll be us two, Mollie and another one of Mollie's friends, Holly Mungrove. Mollie already said it would be fine if you wanted to come along. You in?" Glancing out of my door, I thought about it for a moment before nodding slowly.

        "Sure, as long as you're sure Mollie said it was alright. I don't have a present though..." Squint reached into his bag that I hadn't noticed when they walked in, and pulled out a glittery blue bag.

        "It's fine, we can say it was a joint present," Squint winked, holding the bag out, letting me glance into it, "see, it's matching. Mollie loves matching stuff, remember?" Grinning, I stood and told them I needed to get changed out of my stinking uniform. Once they left, I changed into a t-shirt that I'd had since I was about ten-it was massive for me back then, now it fitted perfectly. So did the jeans I chose.

        "How I am supposed to know, huh? I'm meant to keep you lot safe, yet you only ask now, Barney. Fine. Fine! I'll ask Rick to drop you off-no, I won't hear it Barney. You and Myra take your phones and keep me updated, alright? Sorry that you had to hear that-Todd, isn't it? I'll go ask Rick-I don't want this to happen again." I pulled a woops! face as Squint caught my eye and rolled his as Minnie walked off down the hall in a slight huff.


        "Thanks, Mouse, for your confirmation."

        "I'm gonna get my phone. Wait, what time was it? Six? Alright. My coat and shoes? Downstairs. Why? Are your-oh right, yeah. Ha ha." I hadn't noticed Squint was still in his uniform. Something crossed my mind-something that I was forgetting. A letter? No-that couldn't be it. Could it?

        "You alright, Mouse? You're making weird faces and it's-well, weird." I snapped out of it and looked at Todd.

        "Yeah, I'm fine. Just forgot something, that's all." I replied, quickly walking back into my room for this 'letter' I'd forgotten all about.



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