The Pied Piper Of Gotham.

Myra is just your average teenage girl-except that she lives in home, is way too quiet, which has lead to the nickname 'Mouse,' and has researched everything about Gotham City and its Dark Knight.
Making a recent discovery that Bruce Wayne-the closest link to Batman-possibly has a child, she sets off to Gotham City to find out more-but Gotham is treacherous, and its territory is dark and dangerous for people who have never set foot inside it before.
What will Mouse find? Where will her instincts lead her? And who exactly IS the Dark Knight? (Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan)


3. Mouse.

        Sitting on the wet, spiky grass in the middle of the night probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had. Especially with the thin leggings I was wearing, the trouble I was in about school, and the-the arguments. About going to Gotham City, and meeting him. Minnie was being a complete and utter ass about it. It's not like school would miss me, as I'm on the verge of being kicked out, due to my grades. Hardly my fault I was getting sick and tired of everyone acting as if I wasn't there, teachers blatantly ignoring my raised hand, and having my best friend in the year above me. I wasn't about to be made fun of as well if I started to hang around Squint and his friends. 

        Forgetting that the grass was wet, spiky and cold, I fell onto my back so I was staring directly up at the star studded blanket of the night. I let my eyes wonder over the lighter bit that was the Milky Way, roamed to find any constellations that would signify a purpose to me. None. Closing my lids, I let the sound of rustling leaves, owl hoots, and crickets-or grasshoppers, I never remember-overflow my senses, and send me into a light sleep. 

        I was aware that footsteps had plodded their way in the area around my head, and I jumped when I noticed it was Squint. "Hey. It's pretty cold out here. Thought I'd join you. You don't mind, do you?" Shaking my head, I rubbed my red, numb hands together and slipped on a pair of black, fingerless gloves Squint handed to me as he sat down.

        "Great going, Ringo. Fingerless, and a size too big. No, you are not having them back. Oi! Stop it, get off!" We ended up wrestling for the gloves on my hands, laughing as the cold seeped through our limbs and made them feel funny and weary. The main office light clicked on, and we stopped immediately. Holding our breath, we stood up quietly and crept slowly behind the old willow tree parallel to the shining light.

        Puffing out a visible breath in the autumn night, I raised a finger to my lips as Squint started to whisper. Glancing over to the main office window, the light snapped shut. I laughed softly, and then proceeded to pad over to the side of the building. Turning around, I saw Squint grinning. It was infectious.

        "What?" I asked, but instead I just got an even bigger grin in return. He was trying hard not to laugh at me, and I think I knew why.

        "It-it's just that-that it's like Batman!" Squint laughed out, suppressing a giggle. Rolling my eyes, I turned and walked right into Minnie. Crap. 

        "And what exactly do you think you are doing out here?"


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