The Pied Piper Of Gotham.

Myra is just your average teenage girl-except that she lives in home, is way too quiet, which has lead to the nickname 'Mouse,' and has researched everything about Gotham City and its Dark Knight.
Making a recent discovery that Bruce Wayne-the closest link to Batman-possibly has a child, she sets off to Gotham City to find out more-but Gotham is treacherous, and its territory is dark and dangerous for people who have never set foot inside it before.
What will Mouse find? Where will her instincts lead her? And who exactly IS the Dark Knight? (Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan)


1. Mouse.

        Life is just a game-well, that's my opinion any ways. I couldn't give a stuff about any other views, especially adults in this crappy freak show of a home. To be honest, not that anyone actually notices me in this place. When they do, it's only to comment on how quietly I walk, or if the boys want me to tell them my opinion on Batman.

       At least Batman is real. Whoever Batman is, he's a pretty smart guy. Yea, I feel for him having to be a hero for a whole city and everything, but surely even he needs to take a break sometime? Doesn't he ever wish that the responsibility heavily rests on somebody else's shoulders? My friend Squint asked me if I ever stopped thinking about or researching Batman. I said no, who else would? It would be simply amazing if I could ever meet, even catch a glimpse of, the reclusive, elusive Batman. I mean, what's not to like?

        Oh, how I wish I could travel to Gotham City and fight villains alongside him. How I wish.


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