All For Kayla

Kayla Green isn't your typical high school girl, she lived for the soul purpose of being alive. That was until one fatal day where her entire life changed drastically. She blamed herself for the accident and lost her voice in the process. Every night she was followed by the memories burned into her mind, that is until she found her escape. Caleb.
Caleb Jones, the brother of one of the people Kayla says she destroyed. Caleb aka the king of hearts was well known for his player reputation until he finds himself feeling something towards the quiet girl.
With the help of her two best friends Maddy and Stephen, can Caleb show Kayla that it wasn't her fault, can he heal the deep wound in her heart, will Kayla ever speak again? In times of darkness can two prankster and a player show Kayla the light?
After all, everything they do is all for Kayla.


9. Wounds

I laid down in my bed, Caleb was going to pick me up later on tonight so I had some alone time before I had to go stay at Jones House. Hamish - my newly named stolen hamster laid on my chest curled up cutely. Watching the little ball of ginger made my eyes grow heavy and soon I was drifting into my own world of dreams.


The walls around me were closing in as everything was crumbling away. My breathing constricted into gasps as I clutched my heart, I had to run - I had to find him. My vision was blurry but he leaned down and clutched onto my hand.

"Hang in there Kayla", the walls exploded into thin air as I felt his embrace wrap around me. My eyes scanned his face only to find it as a skinless figure. The moonlight hid behind a the clouds as a scream rippled from my throat.

Pushing him away I ran away. I have to run.

The farther away I ran the heavier my feet came, the air got thinner and I found myself gasping for whatever air still lingered around me. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I reached up to dry away the drops only to find a warm texture against my hands.

Red. Red on my hands, warm blood from my parents, the blood of the shadow, the blood of him. I felt a pain in my stomach and clutched on tight. The glimmer of a knife reflected against the night as I pulled the knife from my stomach.

He came before me again, his skinless face now human once more. Yet his eyes were hollow - pure darkness. His lips were moving but I heard nothing, the pain flowed in my stomach where the knife was and I felt the world sway from side to side.

All my fault.


"Kayla! Hang in there Kayla", a voice yelled breaking me from the dark trance. A sharp pain shot up my stomach as I crumbled to the ground. Caleb was kneeling down besides me.

My body shivered as  the warmth was leaving my body. Blood seeped out of the wound and my eyes fell onto the knife on the floor. Was it really a dream?

Caleb dropped a phone besides me but everything was mumbled, his lips were moving but  I saw nothing. I could feel his warm tears fall against my cheek as he rocked me back and forth, the world was getting darker.

Don't cry Caleb, no more pain.

Everything fell black and I felt my heart stop, no more pain. Please make it stop.


I can hear it, the beeping around me.The loud sounds of footsteps and voices,the ground around me is soft. Someone is clutching onto my hand, it feels right. I can't move though, I can't see anything or speak. All  I can do is hear it all, this persons soft breath close to my face.

Warm tears splashed against my cheek, this person was crying. Please don't cry.

"Wake up Kay, please I need you", a familiar voice was pleading for me to come back. I wanted to hold this person and tell them everything was alright. I didn't want them to cry anymore.

A gut feeling hit me, once again I have caused someone to be hurt. It's all my fault. Once more I felt the hatred towards myself hit in waves and I felt my fist clench shut.

"Kayla! Doctor! She moved her hand look", the voice yelled loudly and more footsteps thundered around me.

"Kayla, can you hear me? If you can hear me move your hand", a new voice asked. I felt my brain wake up and the muscles down my hand functioned again, clenching and unclench my fist once more.

My breathing gained pace once more, my heart skipped back to life. All I have to do is open my eyes. I regretted letting my eyes flicking open because I had to shut them once again when a bright light greeted me.

Okay I can do this, I slowly opened my eyes again and this time my vision slowly returned. Turning my head slowly I saw three figures, two males and one female. Blinking my eyes a few more times my sight got better. The female was dressed like a nurse, the males were a doctor and Caleb. Wait why is Caleb here? Actually where am I?

The beeping sound got faster and I could feel panic spreading over me. What happened to me?


"Miss Green, please relax. You're in the hospital, you were fatally wounded", the doctor spoke with a gentle voice.

Nodding slowly I found myself becoming stable and finally relaxed.The doctor went on to explain what happened, he said that I had plunged a knife into my stomach and if it went any deeper I would have died. He then told me Caleb was the one who saved my life which made me realize he was the one that was crying.

I made Caleb cry again. How many times do I have to hurt him? Feeling the tears well up again I was starting to realize I was becoming pathetic. I never used to cry, not once. Not before that day, the day where everything changed.

The doctor and nurse left after doing some exams, leaving me alone with Caleb.

"Why, why did you try to leave me behind", his voice sounded raspy, like he had been crying for a long time. I haven't seen him like that since then.

"I have tried everything Kayla, I've tried so hard to make you smile. I never blamed you for any of what happened. It was a accident in your side, you did nothing wrong. I can't take it anymore Kayla! Every time I see you look off into the distance like you are going to break, each time you flinch away when someone tries to get close. I can't take it Kayla", tears fell down his face.

Don't cry Caleb.

I reached out and held tightly onto his hand. Seeing this cheerful boy break down in front of me was enough to break my heart. He licked his dry lips before continuing to speak.

"Before it all happened, I used to watch as you would laugh and smile everyday. Not once did I see you cry or frown. I remember you were always shouting at Stephen and Kane for making out in front of you, or how you would be running away from the poor soul you, Stephen and Maddy would play a prank on. I remember how you would never stop smiling, even if you were in a fight with someone - they could be punching you in the face but still you would smile", his eyes were locked onto mines.

"Where did that girl go Kayla? Why can't you see that you don't have to face this darkness alone? I would do anything for you, anything just to see that smile one more time", then he burst into tears.

Watching the person that has became your life support break down into tears as he begged you to come back is not easy. My throat was dry and my eyes stung for tears to fall but they refused to cry anymore tears.

I couldn't handle seeing him cry, sitting up I ignore the pain shooting up from my stomach and pull him close. My arms wrap tightly around him as he cried into my chest. In some ways he reminded me of a innocent child.

He looked at me with his glazed his and said something that scared the life away from me, "I'm falling for you Kayla".

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