All For Kayla

Kayla Green isn't your typical high school girl, she lived for the soul purpose of being alive. That was until one fatal day where her entire life changed drastically. She blamed herself for the accident and lost her voice in the process. Every night she was followed by the memories burned into her mind, that is until she found her escape. Caleb.
Caleb Jones, the brother of one of the people Kayla says she destroyed. Caleb aka the king of hearts was well known for his player reputation until he finds himself feeling something towards the quiet girl.
With the help of her two best friends Maddy and Stephen, can Caleb show Kayla that it wasn't her fault, can he heal the deep wound in her heart, will Kayla ever speak again? In times of darkness can two prankster and a player show Kayla the light?
After all, everything they do is all for Kayla.


12. The Truth

Before me was the black marble stone, beneath me was his body. I couldn't do it, I couldn't stay near him. Not after what I did. I tried to turn and run away but Caleb wrapped his arms tightly around me. He kissed the top of my head then looked towards the grave.

"Hey bro, it's been a while hasn't it? I've brought someone special to come and see you. Please help her, she has blamed herself all this time",Caleb asked the grave.

I blinked my tears and felt my throat open up. My brain opened up and the past came flooding back in, my lips parted and my voice choked out, "Thomas".  My legs crumbled beneath me and I fell to the ground as I sat in front of his grave.

Thomas Jones, beloved son, perfect brother and greatest friend. 1996-2014.

I broke down into tears as I gazed at the polished stone in front of me. Maddy and Stephen kept their distance with Caleb watching me. "It's all my fault Thomas", I croaked out at my best friend's grave. The tears stung my cheeks like flakes of fire.

The memory became clear and flashed before me. Thomas.

Walking towards the front door, to find it open ajar - I push it open slowly to find it too quiet. Usually my parents would be laughing about but not today only silence. Moving my way towards the kitchen, my foot stepped into something warm and the sight in front of me made me stop in my tracks only to grab the nearest knife and scream bloody murder.

My parents bodies were collapsed in front of one another with blood flowing around them and my father barely breathing. I grabbed the kitchen knife besides me as a hooded man ran towards me, before I knew what was happening I plunged the knife into his heart and pulled it out. He fell down dead straight away. 

A noise came from behind me and I freaked out, someone grabbed onto my arm. Not thinking I plunged the knife into them shaking in fear. The person groaned in pain and fell to the ground panting heavily. Thomas.

I screamed dropping the knife, I knelt down resting Thomas's head on my leg.

"Thomas please don't die, hang in there. Somebody help please", I cried out as my best friends skin grew paler.

"Kay-Kay, don't cry", his soft voice whispered as my tears splashed against his skin.

"Thomas please don't leave me. Don't go away, please I didn't mean it", I begged as his eyes fluttered shut.

"Don't cry Kay-Kay, it's not your fault", he whispered as his last breath escaped from his lips.

"Thomas wake up! Thomas! Please don't leave me, Thomas", I screamed and screamed for him to come back. I screamed for someone to come help but by the time they came it was too late.

I fell numb, my parents bodies laid before me not long dead. The killers body was limped besides theirs and Thomas, Thomas rested peacefully with a smile on his face. It was my fault Thomas, it was all my fault. I took you away from your family, I let my family die, I killed you so easily. Thomas I killed you, Charlotte was going to tell you she loved you that day, Thomas that day was my birthday.

It's all my fault.


I wiped the tears that fell from my eyes, "It's all my fault", I whisper clenching my fists.

Caleb wrapped his arms around me stroking my hair softly, "None of it is your fault Kayla, none of it", Caleb handed me a faded box with a tag on it. "He was going to give you this", I looked at the tag and felt the pain in my heart.


To: Kay-Kay

Happy birthday!

Love Thomas.


I opened the box carefully and saw a charm bracelet with a best friend charm dangling off it. Thomas, what should I do? I slipped the bracelet on and carefully folded the tag placing it in my pocket.

"You were like a sister to him Kayla, he always threatened any boy that dared to talk to you", Caleb laughed softly.

"It's true, he even threatened me once. Said 'even if you're gay, you better not hurt my Kay-Kay!'. He wouldn't want to see you like this Kayla", Stephen spoke out walking towards me.

Thomas, why did you care so much?

"It is my fault though, his blood, my parents blood, they are on my hands", I whisper - my voice still quiet.

I stared at the gravestone quietly, taking a deep breath I leaned over tracing my fingertips over the carving of his name. Thomas was my best friend, he was my other big brother. Charlotte loved him so much, she turned cold when he died. Her resolve was Caleb, maybe because they look similar. I loved Thomas like a brother, Charlotte knew that.

It is my fault she is like this, then am I to blame for her sleeping around with a teacher? Am I the one to blame for my brothers death, did I force him to drink and take drugs?

The thoughts passed through my mind, would my parents have survived? Am I really alone? Thomas would hate me to be like this. Perhaps I am not to blame for the others but I am to blame for his death, for I killed him.

"Don't cry Kay-Kay, it's not your fault", his last words were its not my fault. Dammit Thomas why did you have to say that? Why did you have to make me think about these things when I am better off in the dark.


"Kayla, I know you will always blame yourself for his death. He wouldn't want this to keep you back, he would want you to live for him. Kane would want you to be happy - he never did hate you, he was angry. Your parents would want you to smile and grow up, fall in love like they did. Charlotte may have changed but one day she will be happy again, Maddy will always be insane, Stephen needs you right now, he lost Kane as well. I need you right now Kayla", Caleb whispered.

"I need you by my side forever, I love you Kayla Green and I know you love me too", he said sounding cocky. I couldn't help but find a smile on my lips, he had a way with words.

Was he right? Did I love him? Yes, I loved him and I needed him too. Caleb is my life support.

"I love you Caleb", I whispered and earned myself a sweet kiss off him which caused me to burst into laughter.

"So do you think Thomas would threaten you", I ask.

"Oh he would kick my ass", Caleb laughed.

I know things will never be the way they were, I will always feel the guilt for what happened on that day. Though I have to move on and find my life, I am not alone. I have two amazing friends called Maddy and Stephen who drive me up the wall sometimes. I have a ginger hamster called Hamish who is too intelligent, I have Caleb in my heart and by my side.

I also have you, don't I Thomas? No matter where you are, you are looking over me.

Thank you Thomas, thank you for everything.

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