All For Kayla

Kayla Green isn't your typical high school girl, she lived for the soul purpose of being alive. That was until one fatal day where her entire life changed drastically. She blamed herself for the accident and lost her voice in the process. Every night she was followed by the memories burned into her mind, that is until she found her escape. Caleb.
Caleb Jones, the brother of one of the people Kayla says she destroyed. Caleb aka the king of hearts was well known for his player reputation until he finds himself feeling something towards the quiet girl.
With the help of her two best friends Maddy and Stephen, can Caleb show Kayla that it wasn't her fault, can he heal the deep wound in her heart, will Kayla ever speak again? In times of darkness can two prankster and a player show Kayla the light?
After all, everything they do is all for Kayla.


1. Prologue

What does it mean to live? For the last sixteen years of my life I thought I was living, with the constant food battles in the school cafeteria and the glowing of glitter over my teachers desk. I lived for the purpose to be alive, away from the past and only focus on the future.

I never was the type of girl who made plans of the future because who knows what if going to happen tomorrow. Though I was prepared for everything, just not for the one thing that would change my entire life.



"Rise and shine", a voice screamed in my ear causing me to jolt up from my afternoon nap - on the table at school in the middle of history. I mean what is history for if not for sleeping!

Snickers filled from around the classroom and I got up from my chair. Clutching onto my bag I was looking back at the old teacher with the obvious wig known as Mr Phillis.

In three - yup there is the pink slip.

Two - and there goes the scribbling of his pen whilst his head bops up and down.

One- "Principles office, now", and there is the normal sentence.


Knowing going to the principles office would be a bore since I had already been there twice this week I decided to save my very soul from the long hour of waiting to be seen by the wrinkly, way too old to even be a principle, Eleanor Phillis - yeah you got it - the principle is married to the prune of a history teacher. So walking past the teacher with a small smile playing on my lips I grabbed the wig off Mr Phillis's head and ran for my life.

Hearing the old man scream like a crazy person as he hobbled after me down the hall I bolted outside and to the roof where I knew my life saviors would be waiting. They life saviors being Maddy and Stephen, my two best friends.


"Flee now my pony! Flee", I yell jumping onto Stephens back.

Let me tell you seeing three scary looking teens running down the street with a group of teachers hot on their tail whilst waving a wig in the air is enough to give anyone a strange look.Stephen turned the corner and found ourselves in the shopping mall.

"You did it this time Kay", Maddy gasped out still clutching onto the air around her. I slid of Stephens back and looked around to find the teachers no longer around - we were going to pay for this tomorrow but who cares?

"You are going to be the death of me", Stephen cried dramatically whilst eying up the guy who was stalking towards us - that guy being my brother and Stephens boyfriend.


Kane looked at me shaking his head when he saw the wig in my hand. Kane left high school a year ago but still had his mischievous ways. Of course the one thing no little sister wants to see is her big brother sucking the face off her best friend. Trust me it takes away the innocence of your eyes.

"So sis, care to explain why Maddy here is dying for air and I got a text from her saying 'wig criminal on the loose'", my older brother smiled at me leaning down to look me in the eyes.

He wouldn't ... smiling sweetly at him I shrugged my shoulders innocently.

A small smirk formed on his face and he picked me up over his shoulder. Oh he would.... feeling the unlucky emotion set upon me I tried to wriggle from his grasp but I was too late to escape, my poor self was dumped into the cold water of the fountain that stood near by in the mall.


"Evil", I cried out shivering slightly.

People turned to look at me and a small, evil smile formed on my face. Kane looked at me shaking his head - he is in big trouble now.

"Help! This man tried to kidnap me", I screamed pretending to cry.

A muscled security guard ran towards us and once again we found ourselves running. My poor brother explained what happened to the guard causing well for me to become a target for the security guards. You can feel the sibling love!

Running outside the mall I saw my freedom and jumped into a taxi. That is how I found myself at home, still wet and shivering. Yet that is also when I found the deadly feeling set on my heart.


Walking towards the front door, to find it open ajar - I push it open slowly to find it too quiet. Usually my parents would be laughing about but not today only silence.

Moving my way towards the kitchen, my foot stepped into something warm and the sight in front of me made me stop in my tracks only to grab the nearest knife and scream bloody murder.


That was the day I changed.

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