All For Kayla

Kayla Green isn't your typical high school girl, she lived for the soul purpose of being alive. That was until one fatal day where her entire life changed drastically. She blamed herself for the accident and lost her voice in the process. Every night she was followed by the memories burned into her mind, that is until she found her escape. Caleb.
Caleb Jones, the brother of one of the people Kayla says she destroyed. Caleb aka the king of hearts was well known for his player reputation until he finds himself feeling something towards the quiet girl.
With the help of her two best friends Maddy and Stephen, can Caleb show Kayla that it wasn't her fault, can he heal the deep wound in her heart, will Kayla ever speak again? In times of darkness can two prankster and a player show Kayla the light?
After all, everything they do is all for Kayla.


11. Fixing You

News spread like a wildfire - son of recently murdered husband and wife commits dies. Daughter left alone. The worse one was, daughter kills again? I felt everything inside me die, there was no good in this world. People lived only to die.

It was my fault that Kane died, I should of checked on him sooner instead of being pathetic and crying. Stephen keeps saying it isn't my fault but I know better than to believe those words, Kane had said that after the accident but look what happened.

The next day I was taken to the police station again to be asked questions and once again reporters were everywhere with their cameras. The flashes blinded me and their questions went in one ear, out the other. The detective who was asking me questions  - detective Murray, sat before me with a sorrowful look on his face.

"Miss Green, you aren't to blame. Things like this happen all the time", he tried to reassure me but it was pointless. He finally gave up and questioned me about what happened that night, I would write an answer and he would sigh.

"What happened the last time you saw your brother", he passed me another bit of paper for me to answer.

He was drinking, told me he hated me for what happened then went to his room. My friend Stephen and I went to check on him a few hours later, we found him dead.

The detective frowned at the answer, probably was hoping for me to give him a full description but to tell the truth that is all I could say about it. He nodded and let me go away.


Two days after that I was back at the school, you may be wondering why I went back so soon. Well I couldn't take being in the house anymore. Later on I would be moving to a legal guardian until I turn eighteen, the guardians being Caleb's parents.

I walked through the school once again facing the stares and whispers. It meant nothing to me anymore, time was something that just passed me by now. When I sat in class Maddy and Stephen tried to cheer me up but I pushed them away, I couldn't get close to anyone anymore. They always leave me behind.

As I sat in my French class I couldn't consecrate so I grabbed my bag and walked out of the class ignoring my teachers shouts. I found myself walking to the girls bathrooms hoping I would be alone. Splashing my face with cold water I looked into the mirror, my face was thinner and whiter. My hair lost its shine again and my eyes were completely lifeless. 

The door suddenly slammed open and the clicking of heels entered with laughter. Turning around I found myself facing Charlotte and her friends. Charlotte was looking at me with a sly smirk on her face - if looks could kill.


"Well if it isn't the murdered herself. I see not even your brother wanted to be around you", she laughed with the others. I took a deep breath glaring at Charlotte.

"Aw can't even defend yourself, poor you. You know Caleb is mines, just like he was mines. There must be some kind of sick pleasure you get from taking away what belongs to me", she continued, how could she even bring him up?

Then it came, her revenge. My hair was pulled tightly as my head connected to with the mirror followed by a shattering sound of the glass. I fell to the ground clutching onto my head only to be dragged across the floor to the rest of the girls. Soon they were kicking me from every direction, pain spreads like a wildfire through my body but it doesn't end.

Charlotte leans down with a harsh look in her eyes and she lifts my head up by the hair again only to slam it against the ground a few times. Then they leave, their footsteps growing quiet. I curl up in pain shaking in agony, I deserve it though.

I caused so many people pain, it is my own fault that things like this happen to me. I have to pay the consequences for my actions.


I laid there on the bathroom floor for a while when the door opened again. Mandy gasps and runs to my side. She yells Stephen and Caleb making them both burst into the toilets, not caring it was the girls room.

My eyes shut tight as Caleb lifts me off the ground, a sharp pain shooting up my body. I feel us moving and finally a warm breeze hits my face. We are outside.

"Kayla, why did you let them hurt you", Caleb's voice sounds pained as he gently traces his fingers over the dark bruises already forming on my face.

I shrug a little and carefully climb down from him. My legs hurt but I can't burden them, they are best staying away from me. I look towards Maddy, Stephen and Caleb with a sad expression on their faces and shake my head. As I start to walk away my hand is clutched and Caleb looks at me with pleading eyes.

"Come with me  Kayla", he says pulling me towards his car. Maddy and Stephen follow, they sit in the back of the car whilst I sit next to Caleb at the front. Where were they taking me?

Caleb pulled out of the car park and drove down a familiar road.

"We are going to face him, Kayla we are going to fix you", Maddy whispered looking out the window.

The car came to a stop outside the graveyard I went to before.

"Kayla we are going to fix you", Maddy said again and I was pulled down the narrow path towards the one grave I never went near.


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