All For Kayla

Kayla Green isn't your typical high school girl, she lived for the soul purpose of being alive. That was until one fatal day where her entire life changed drastically. She blamed herself for the accident and lost her voice in the process. Every night she was followed by the memories burned into her mind, that is until she found her escape. Caleb.
Caleb Jones, the brother of one of the people Kayla says she destroyed. Caleb aka the king of hearts was well known for his player reputation until he finds himself feeling something towards the quiet girl.
With the help of her two best friends Maddy and Stephen, can Caleb show Kayla that it wasn't her fault, can he heal the deep wound in her heart, will Kayla ever speak again? In times of darkness can two prankster and a player show Kayla the light?
After all, everything they do is all for Kayla.


13. Epilogue

"Happy birthday Kayla", Maddy yelled as she jumped onto my bed, pulling me away from the wonderful warmth I call Caleb. I am going to kill her!

Caleb groaned from besides me with a killer look in his eyes, "why did we give her bloody keys for the house", he whined sitting up on the bed.

It has been three years today since my life changed. At the beginning I believed that it had changed for the worst, but in a way it changed for the better. Everything has changed and become happy, like the sun after a storm.

Speaking of storms, the sound of a thunder like rumble broke the deadly tension. Looks like I need food! Jumping out of the bed I chased after Maddy who was sprinting at full speed ahead to the kitchen, to hell if she thinks she is getting my coco pops this time!

When I reached the kitchen a huge chocolate cake rested on the table, smothered in coco pops. I think I have went to heaven. Running towards Maddy I jumped up and wrapped my legs around her waist in happiness - oh chocolate.

"As much as I am liking the scene in front of me, I hope you aren't trying to steal my girl now Maddy", Caleb laughed entering the kitchen. Sticking my tongue out at him I climbed off my friend and grabbed a fork.

Cake for breakfast, oh it is heaven indeed. The back door opened and Stephen, Drake, Adam, Mathew and Leon walked in with a bounce in their steps.

"Seriously! Why do all these idiots have access to my house", Caleb rambled and wrapped his arms around my waist. The guys broke into a fit of laughter before making themselves comfortable.

My eyes flickered to the clock hanging on the kitchen wall, we would be leaving soon to visit my family and Thomas. My eyes turned back to Drake and I almost went insane, he was shoving his hand into my cake. My cake.

When he saw me his eyes opened wide and ran for his life. Slipping out of Caleb's arms and grabbing a fork. His heavy footsteps pounded up into the living room making a evil smile creep onto my lips. No place to run Mr cake killer.

Walking into the living room Drake was leaning behind the sofa trying to hide, and the irony of his butt in the air made my revenge only sweeter. His pain cried through the house as he clutched onto his butt where the fork had fallen off. Yup I stabbed him in the ass with a fork.

After that we all ate the remaining of the cake, after getting dressed we were all in Stephens minivan. Yeah he is going through a form of hippie faze, honestly with his headband and world peace. I blame Adam, his boyfriend. Oh and Maddy has some kind of relationship going on with Leon. Though they deny that they are together it's kind of obvious they are.

As for my lovely Hamish, he died a year ago. Though he turned out to be a she, and she left three baby hamsters. The happiness.

We came to a stop outside the graveyard and I ran out the door along the pebbled path. First stop the family, after Kane died he was buried right next to our parents. Sitting down in front of my family I smiled quietly laying down  flowers.

"Mamma, dad, Kane - guess what. How have you been", my friends finally caught up to me and poor Stephen cried again. Adam hugged onto Stephen as he gazed at my brothers headstone. 

Kissing the top of my friends head I said goodbye to my family and walked towards Caleb at Thomas's headstone. Holding onto Caleb's hand I kissed his cheek and smiled at the gravestone.

I'm still alive Thomas, its been three years now. I'm surrounded by the people I love and I know you are up there happy.

I owe everyone my life, because they all  gave me hope. You give me strength, and one day we will see each other again. I owe you my world, everyone has been there for me and I won't let them down.

I'm happy Thomas, I am finally free.

"What are you thinking about babe", Caleb asked me softly.

I want cake, chocolate cake.

"Lets go get some cake".


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