She ruined it all

Dylan and Bree are best friends. Neither of them thought that would change. When a mysterious girl joins their school and captures the Dylan's heart, what will Bree's reaction be? Will she figure out that the boy of her dreams has been right under her nose all these years? Or... Is it too late to save him?
Please note that this is NOT a fan fiction


2. I think I'm stubborn

I woke up in a tangle of sheets, arms expanding everywhere and my hair all over my face, "Ughh why do the weekends have to end?" I asked myself as I swung out of bed. "Because then we wouldn't learn anything," said a voice right beside me. "Don't do that!" I shrieked as I turned around and faced my best friend. "What?" Dylan asked.

"Answer my thought-questions," I answered.

"Thought-questions, that's a new one," Dylan said, rubbing his chin, "you're always ratty on Mondays though, must be something in the air..."


"That my short friend is very rude," Dylan said in a mock-cockney accent, tapping my nose with his index finger.

"I'm not that short," I whispered angrily , "just because you're a giant." It's true, in these last couple of weeks, Dylan had shot up about a foot in the air, which helps when you're a school jock on the basketball team. "Ahh you know you love me!" Dylan said, walking out to the spare room. It's practically his though, he sleeps here most nights. Most girls in my class would kill to have Dylan Turner in their house but to me he's just plain old Dyl. Seriously I know lots of things about Dylan and most girls would go straight off him if I told any of them. Lucky I'm so nice and secretive, other wise Dylan's popularity would go straight down the pan. Whoosh. I got dressed into my usual gear, skinny jeans, colourful tees and high top converse boots. God only one more year of school and then I can leave forever! No more rush of teenagers in the corridors, no more stares and whispers that I'm Dylan's girlfriend, after eight years you would think that they would get the message, I'm NOT Dylan's girlfriend! No more snotty nosed children in the canteen. Ahh bliss. "Dyl!" I shouted.

"What?" He answered, wearing only his shirt and boxers. "Do I have to see that?" I asked, covering my eyes. "Ohh blushing are we?" Dylan said, messing about. "I'm not blushing!" I exclaimed even though I could sense the red staining my skin. "All I was going to say was if you wanted to take the car?" I have my granddad's old car because he left it to me in his will, fortunately my granddad was into cars and had a mordernish Volkswagon Rabbit, he had it rebuilt before he died, new engine and things car experts would know but all I heard was 'cables' and 'clutch' and if it runs and is not likely to break down in the middle of nowhere, I'm happy.

"Sure, I think we've missed the bus anyway," said Dylan, he loves my car. "Ok but please Get some clothes on!" I nearly screamed. "Alright, do we have to go to school?"

"Hmm, wasn't it you who said we wouldn't learn anything if we didn't?"

"Why do you always remember everything?"

"Because I listen!"

"Bree, you're so stubborn!"

"Out!" I said and shoved some jeans into his hands.

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