Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


26. What? 😱👯

"Let's head back" Niall chuckled holding my hand firm, probably making sure I would never leave again. "Okay let's go back my mums house or yours?" I questioned. "My house because I don't think your mum likes me does she?" He frowned. "We'll not exactly" I chuckled.

We started to walk back when suddenly I heard a crash from behind us. I spun around, Niall did to. "Wh-o is there?" I murmured looking around. I turned to check on Niall to see him knocked out on the floor. "NIALL!?" I screamed rushing to his side. "Wake up babe please" I cried tilting his head while trying to open his eye lids. That's when I felt a presence from behind. A hand grabbed around my mouth and I screamed. My screams came out as faint muffles. "Shhhh" my captor whispered pulling me away from the lifeless Niall. The man brought a black cloth to my nose, then I passed out.


I woke up in a room strapped to a chair. I struggled to get the ropes off me but it was useless. I started to ask my self why I had been kidnapped I mean come on I haven't done anything wrong? "Lucy, lucy, lucy" a man tutted from behind me. I gasped. "I'm not lucy? My names Charlotte you syco" I hissed. "Course your lucy you look like her, talk like her and have an atitude like her" the man chuckled "there's no fooling me" he smirked. "My name is Charlotte annabelle smith?" I scoffed. "Oh is it now?" The man laughed. "Yes do you want my fucking birth certificate!?" I snapped. "Okay then if your Charlotte where's your sister lucy?" He questioned. My eyes went wide. "Sister?" I gulped. "Yes if your not lucy smith and you say your Charlotte smith then Lucy's your sister where is she?" He snapped circling around the chair kinda making me feel dizzy. "I have a sister?" I gulped. "But why wouldn't mum tell me?" I whispered to myself. "WHERE IS SHE!?" he shouted. "I don't know do I look like a fucking sat nav to you?" I frowned. "I don't like ur attitude" he spat. "And I don't like you" I hissed. "Shut up" he slapped me across the face. Nobody had ever hit me before. My cheek began to feel hot and numb. "Just let me go I don't know where she is or anything I'm no use to you" I begged wanting to get out this place!

Authors note:

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I hope I can make it up to you! I didn't think this book would be that good and I thought people weren't reading it anymore but thanks for not giving up hope you like the new chapter!

~Mad xxx

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