Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


17. Um....

"Um the ring is kinda gone" I whispered. "ITS WHAT?!?WHERES IT GONE!?" he raged. "We'll lets just say I got a little drunk" I whistled. "And would you like to explain what you did when you were drunk?" Niall calmed down a little bit. "Uh we'll I met a boy called Luke you know the one u saw earlier" I gulped, he nodded for me to continue. "He asked me if I was engaged at that point he had noticed the ring on my finger" I sighed. "We'll i kind if took the ring off and chucked it on the dance floor and said 'no I'm not anymore" I gulped once again.

Niall looked at me completely shocked his eyes were a dark ocean blue with a tone of turquoise around the pupil. This is not good he's angry. "Why did you do that?!" He spit. "We'll like I said I was drunk!" I lied, when I went to the club I wasn't drunk we'll I did get drunk but that was after I chucked the ring away. "Okay" he sighed rubbing his temples and squinting his eyes shut.

"Are we back together?" I asked him slowly trying to change the subject. "No" he sighed. That painful word no was just spoken I couldn't cope what does he meen no,didn't that kiss a minuet ago meen anything!? "Uh-I um better get going then" I choked almost bursting in to tears. He nodded and sighed to himself. I started to walk to the gate of the park, how could this happen he doesn't care and never will that sick cunt! I opened the gate then shut it, I started making my way over to Lukes hoping he would forgive me. I walked down the path hearing my shoes patting on the ground with rhythm.

I eventually reached his house I knocked on the door waiting for a response. No one answered. I knocked again. The door nob slowly turned and Luke's mum opened the door. "Oh it's you again" she sighed. "LUKE!!" she shouted behind the door. And like last time he came down thudding downstairs. "Oh, Charlotte why you here?" Luke frowned. Oh great everyone hates me.

Authors note:

I updated again for you guys as there were loads of people asking me to update so I did!! Like,fav and comment as usual!!

~Mad xxx💕

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