Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


24. Park ⭐️

I placed the puppy onto the floor and grabbed the lead from the shopping bags. It was a dark sky blue. I slipped the collar on James then clipped the lead on. "Right let's go for a walk" I smiled, walking down stairs with the handle from the lead in my hands.

"IM GOING TO TAKE THE DOG FOR A WALK" I shouted to my mum who seemed to be in the kitchen. "Okay" she responded. I slipped my coat on and opened the front door open and let the puppy lead the way. We turned down the cemented stone path towards the park. "Let's go to the park boy" I squeaked doing a encouraging dance. Haha I'm so stupid. We kept on walking until we eventually reached the park. I opened the gate and stepped into the open field. I released the lead from the puppy and off James went. I decided to sit down on a nearby bench while the puppy messed around. I sat there for a while until someone tapped my shoulder, it was Niall. "Hey" he smiled sitting beside me. "Hi" I smiled still keeping my eyes on the puppy. "Why you out so early?" I questioned. "Just out on a morning walk you?" He answered. "Nah just walking the dog" I smiled pointing over to James.

"Oh right he's a fine pup you got there" he commented. "Aha thanks he's quite well behaved" I giggled. "Oh right he sure acts like it" he rolled his eyes and sat back into the bench. "Charlotte" he said. "Yup" I smile making eye contact with him. "Can I ask you something?" He questioned, I nodded. "Can you be ready tonight at 6 o'clock I'm planning to take you somewhere" he chuckled. "Okay sure" I smiled. "That's settled then and oh by the way don't where a dress where some jeans and a top" he laughed standing up. "See you later" he winked. "See you then" I giggled waving goodbye. I sat on the bench then decided to get James home. I whistled then straight away the pup responded. James ran straight over to me and sat next to me on the bench. I chuckled, shook my head and clipped the lead to his collar. "Come on let's get back"

Authors note:

Sorry for not updating I have been quite busy 😂

~Mad xxx

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