Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


15. Park 😮

Charlottes POV:

We started to walk down the street towards the park. "I'm glad you actually turned up" he chuckled. "Haha why didn't you think I would?" I smirked. "We'll you were taking a while?" He raised his eyebrow. "We'll yeah your house is pretty far away from mine" I complimented. "Didn't you get dropped off?" He questioned. "Nah I walked" I shrugged. "What?! I thought you had a car!?" He sounded so shocked. "Um no but I don't mind" I giggled.

Eventually, we reached the park my eyes were met with; swings, slides, climbing frames and shelters. "Come on" he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the swings. "Haha okay steady on!" I huffed. We both got on a swing each. That's when I noticed a boy over by the shelter, facing away from us. "What's wrong?" Luke noticed my fixed gaze to the boy over there. "Nothing" I dazed. "Why you looking at that boy?" He frowned. "Wha-what?" I questioned taking my gaze off the boy and returning my look back to Luke. "Day dreaming?" Luke sighed, I bit my bottom lip and nodded.

"Hold on I just need to see that boy over there just give me one seconded" I gestured my hands telling him to stay. He nodded in response. I cautiously made my way over to the boy sat under the shelter. He had blonde hair just like Niall's. I tapped his shoulder and the response was "go away". "Hey what's wrong?" I rubbed the mans shoulder. "Let's just say I fucked up life" he mumbled. "Aww tell me everything" even though I didn't know this person I still wanted to know what had happend. Luke looked at me as if to say 'what's happening' I gave him a reassuring nod. He rolled his eyes and stayed on the swing.

"We'll, I- I lost the love of my life" the man sobbed. "She was my everything w-we were gonna get married". I let him continue. "I cheated on her i had no choice but she didn't understand; she never will" he sighed. This story sounded very familiar but however I let the man continue I couldn't see his face or nothing all I saw was the back of his head and back. "We'll lets just say I miss her, love her still and probably asking for forgiveness from her but that will never happen" he sighed. Suddenly then everything clicked. "Niall?" I whispered. He turned his face and I was met with the blue eyed Niall Horan. "Charlotte.." He stuttered. "I-um" he mumbled. Oh fuck what have I just got myself into.

Authors note:

Hey guys I hope you like the long chapter! Like fav and comment thank you so much for the support. I would also like to thank 4 special fans d_irectioner, tayylor1012, ms_happygirl_209 and nialloverforever for sticking to my books and encouraging me to update.

~Mad xxx💕

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