Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


14. Luke's 😏

I closed the door behind me before walking out. I locked my phone and shoved it in my jacket walking on down the street. I study every sign making sure I hadn't walked past Luke's house. I kept on looking until I eventually reached his street! Sicakmore Drive! Thank fucking god! I kept walking down the path until I reached the house with the number 12 nailed to the door. "That's his house" I smirked to myself.

I jogged up to the door ,knocking twice, waiting for a reply. Soon enough a women with brunette hair cut in a bob opened the door. "And you are?" She frowned looking up and down my body. "Oh I'm Charlotte I was hoping that Luke might be there?" I smiled. "Oh right, bare with me for one second" she groaned. That's when I heared a distant shout of "Luke get your ass down here".

I couldn't help but chuckle. Luke came downstairs thumping on every step exhadurating his exhaustion. "Oh hey Charlotte" Luke's face lit up when he saw me. "I take it you have met my mum?" He rolled his eyes at her. "Haha yeah" I smiled. "Oh shut up Luke just go and leave me in peace!" She huffed walking off. "Time of the month" he chuckled. "Haha probbaly" I winked. "Do you wanna go for a walk I meen there's a park up the road?" He asked. "Yeah sure let's go" I smiled walking down to the gate which led into his drive. "Wait up" he laughed struggling to get his jacket on.

Nialls POV:

I fucking lost her I have made a stupid mistake again. Management made me cheat on Charlotte I love her and I never wanted to do that to her, she's so sweet and innocent. I tried talking to her early trying to explain why I did it. But as usual she had always had an answer. I don't blame her if she wants me never in my life because what I did was stupid!! Ugh! I hope she kept the ring, I really do she had no idea how long it took me to choose it for her!!

Authors note:

Uh oh Niall hopes she still has the ring! Wait hold on didn't she throw it away at the club!? Shits gonna go down XD haha anyway I hope you like the chapter comment like and fav as usual!!!!

~Mad xxx💕

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