Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


18. I'm Sorry

"Luke I-uh" I wasn't to sure what to say to him at this point considering his mum was there. I think luke understood my thoughts "mum can you leave us for about 5 mins?" He asked her. "Yes" she huffed then walked away. "I-um and sorry" I apologised. "Look Charlotte I think I really like you and when I walked off I didn't walk all the way back because I wanted to see what you and this so called 'boy' would do then I saw you kiss do you know how much that broke my heart?" He sighed. "I didn't know and you wouldn't have understand" i huffed. "I understand all right" he spat.

"So you understand the fact I was with someone then they asked me to be there wife I said yes but then before I new it they cheated on me and today the man I saw at the park was him, Niall James Horan" I argued. "You were going out with him the one from the famous boy band?" He choked out. "Yes Luke" I sighed. "I- I didnt realise!" He apologised. "Look it's fine I'm guessing he's out of my life now he's nothing to me and never will be" I smiled. Luke was lost for words and didn't know what to say.

Niall's POV:

I can't believe I pushed her away, I have wanted her so badly to come back and I fucking messed up? How stupid can I be! She asked me if we were back together I said no, why would I say that? She's probably thinking I'm a cunt and yes I think I agree with her. I didn't think I could ever push her away! She's the world to me!

I walked out of the park after Charlotte had left, I made my way back to my home we'll the 'bands home' as I should call it. Should I tell them about my encounter with Charlotte or should I just leave it damn I don't know. Mabey I could talk to Liam? Liam is wise kind and mysterious and he's the only one who I can really trust at this point of time.

Authors note:

Sorry I know the updates short it's only becuase I was just round my friends and I only really have time to do I quick update that's all sorry. I'm so happy that I have 548 reads!! I'm glad people are continuing from my old book thank u so much.

~Mad xxx

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