Bad Ass Girl- Sequel to Bad Ass Boy


Charlotte has been asked to be Niall's wife, will she say yes? What will happen? Will they start a family? Have a happy life? Or will everything go down hill??? Read to find out!!


12. Clubbing 🍺

I searched through my closet to see some wet look leggings and a red crop top. "I think I'm gonna go clubbing tonight" I smirked to myself. I picked the two items from the closet and placed them on the bed. I looked through all my heels until I saw a pair of bright red heals with studs placed on them. I also managed to find a leather jacket of mine hidden in the wardrobe. This night is gonna be brill.

I checked the time to see it was 6 o'clock allready wow time does fly by. I got dressed in the outfit I chose and applied some bright red lipstick to match my outfit. Perfect. I slipped my heels on and walked down stairs to see my mum sat on the kitchen stool.

"And where do you think your going?" She questioned. "Out" I simply replied heading towards the door. "And how are you going to get to the destination you heading to?" She chuckled shaking her head. "I'm gonna walk". "In those heels Christ all mighty" she laughed. I gave her a cold glare and grabbed my phone, money and shoved them in my pocket. "Bye sweet heart love you" she laughed. "Bye mum" I huffed walking out the door and heading into town.

I eventually reached town, my feet were sore and covered in blisters. "Fuck sake" I mumbled making my way to a club across the street. I jogged my best over to the club and stormed in. Music was blaring and the place was hot, stuffy and sweaty. I made my way over to the bar and I ordered myself a vodka and coke. "Here you are" the man winked handing me the drink. I gave him the money and sat down at the bench across from the dance floor beside a boy with sandy brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He's hot.

"Hey" he yelled over the music. "Hi" I shouted back. "What's you name mines Luke, Luke Hemings?" He questioned. "Mines Charlotte" I smiled. "Haha cool are you engaged?" He asked lifting my hand and pointing at my finger. Shit I haven't taken the ring off. "No" I laughed taking the ring from my finger and chucking it into the dance floor "not any more" I smirked. "Oh right" he laughed.

"So Charlotte do you wanna dance?" Luke asked smiling. "Yeah sure" I laughed putting my vodka and coke down. We both made are way to the dance floor and we both couldn't stop dancing jumping and bouncing like loonitics. We both got tired and we decided to sit down. "That was fun" I panted out of breath. "Yeah I know" Luke laughed sarcastically. "Mabey we could meet up sometime again?" He asked. "Yeah defiantly" I smiled handing him my phone number. "I will see you later luke" I chuckled standing up a bit tipsy. "Haha okay bye Charlotte" he laughed. I walked outside the club dialling for a cab.

Soon enough a cab came to pick me up and I was on my way home.

Authors note:

Big chapter much? Haha hope your enjoying the book :)

~Mad xxx💕

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