We are all just dreamers waiting to be discovered.
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1. Recovery

Ever since my mother passed away in that terrible car accident I have not been exposed to the 'outside world' in 6 months. It happened right outside the driveway, and every time I step out, I see the spot where her heart stopped thumping. As you can tell it still is an open wound in my heart. Letting it go seems almost, selfish. After awhile I started to cut myself but soon after that I stopped knowing if mom was still with me she would be devastated and I want her to be happy, wherever she is. When I finally got the guts to go searching through her stuff I found her pref. camera that dad bought her for her birthday. I never really thought much of it, until resently. I had to wait till I thought I hade the stomach for it, and I think today would be alright. I grabbed the camera and wiped it of with a Lysol wipe so I didn't think about her hands being on it every day I decided to use it. I set it up on my dresser and pressed record, ever since then I had a new dream. To be a youtuber.

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