grotesque ☻ [harry] au

♛can·ni·bal - /ˈkanəbəl/. a person who eats the flesh of other human beings♛ We lived in the abandon train station, near the old gas station that got shut down about fifty years ago. We live in an almost- mini city. We had our own rules, customs, laws. We were ruled under one man- our leader. The men followed strict conduct- they were the superior race. After the war broke out years ago, modern society was broken into pieces, left to be rebuilt on our own. People joined clans or lived under their own family rules and customs. Our clan was the most feared.


3. part two.

Poppy's POV

I sat anxiously, my hands shaking as I clutch the side of my seat, my eyes peeled on the ring that laid beneath us. The fighting begun- our names haven't been called but I could feel the anticipation of the men- the drive to earn the best wife they could. My eyes kept darting from face to face, hoping to see Harry in the stands, watching my fate fall into the hands of mysterious men. I hope that he wouldn't go through with what he said to me.

I could almost hear the words replay in my head a million times. I didn't want him to- I begged him not to. I couldn't stand loosing him- I couldn't imagine what that would feel like. My attention was drawn back to the crowd, the announcer calling off another name, "Holly Grizwell- that beautiful red head in the stands!". I felt my heart drop as I slowly craned my head towards her. Her expression conveyed stiffness, being unfazed about what was happening but I knew deep down it was eating her up.

I watch the arena closely, my heart starting to pick up as a blonde man steps into the ring proudly. I heard her breath hitch, his leather jacket covering half of the tattoo that traveled up his neck, signifying he was a scavenger. "Thats the lead scavenger" I whisper to her as she nods slowly, her eyes never leaving him, her lips parted. I looked back to the man, another shorter, bulkier man approaching towards him, a smirk on his lips.

Without warning, the blonde pulls a gun from his jacket pocket, his finger pressed tightly on the tigger as he pulled. A loud boom rung out in the stadium making me jump slightly, my heart starting to race. The other men fell to the ground, a perfect bullet hole straight in between his eyes, blood trickling down his face.

The blonde stares at him, like a was a bug he just squished against the concrete. He lifts his head up slowly, looking for his other challengers. I look over at Holly who's hand is rested gently against her chest, her eyes nearly bulging out of her head. I swallow, hearing the cheers and calls of another competitor entering the ring. This one was even bigger, now match for the blonde. "C'mon pretty boy no guns" he challenges, rubbing his meaty fists together.

The blond nods, slipping off his leather jacket cooly, flinging it to the side as it lays limply on the sanded turf. The blonde held his fists up, I could feel Holly's anticipation as she watched carefully. The other man lunges towards the blonde full force making him fly backwards. The crowd roared in satisfaction, everyone going crazy at the vile sight. The blonde curses, stumbling to his feet, blonde pouring down the side of his head from the contact.

His eyes darken as he lets out a low grunt, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a knife. He flicks it open, throwing the directly towards the man. The knife plunges into his eye making him yelp in pain. Blood started spurting from his eye ball as he fall backwards in pain. The blonde pants, looking around at the now still crowd, no one brave enough to go up against him.

The announcer chuckles nervously, steeping out into the arena, people dragging the bulky man away, his shrieks still ringing throughout the stadium. "Congratulations on your new wife" he cheers as the crowd roars. I look over at Holly- looking like all the life as been sucked out of her. The blonde looks up at us- his eyes on Holly as he sends her a quick look before exiting the ring hastily.

The announcer looks down at a sheet of paper, clearing his throat, "next is the gorgeous- Poppy Winfell" he announces as the crowd roars, whistling as the announcer points at me making my cheeks catch fire, not used to the attention. "Now who wants this sweet little peach" he coos fakely as I force a smile, men yelling and whistling saying profane things- some I never heard before but couldn't imagine it could be good.

I saw a man step into the ring, my breath hitching at the thought that he might take me home tonight. He looks up at me, winking and sending me waves as I just stare down at him. "Hey fuck head!" a husk voice barks as I turn quickly seeing Harry stand there menacingly. I felt my heart drop, my lips part as I sit there helplessly, feeling like all my muscles were frozen. I shut my eyes tightly as I heard the man chuckle, the sound of grunts and yelling. I open my eyes to see Harry wrestling the man, fists and curses flying around as the man punches him,

Over and over and over.

I heard Harry whimper in pain, trying to escape his grasp as the man continued to pound on him. Without warning I felt myself stand up abruptly "STOP" I shriek as I feel Holly's hand try to keep me in my seat but it was too late. I bounded down the isle, pushing and shoving past people as I reached the steps that lead into the arena. I felt my heart racing, my breath heavy as I clutched the railing tightly, scampering down the steps. I felt myself hit sand as I ran as fast as I could towards them.

The man stepped back, Harry laying on the ground, blood pouring from his face, blood coloring the sand around him. I kneel down next to him, tears welding in my eyes as I touched his soft, now sand coated hair. "H-Harry" I stammer, tears falling on to him as the whole arena stayed silent. I started to weep over him, Harry letting out breathy coughs. "N-no Harry your okay" I whimper as I felt a presence approach us- everyone remain still.

I look up slowly, seeing a pair of leg standing before us. My eyes travel upwards to see Louis standing there. I felt fear strike me as a smirk crawls to his face-

"I want you"

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