grotesque ☻ [harry] au

♛can·ni·bal - /ˈkanəbəl/. a person who eats the flesh of other human beings♛ We lived in the abandon train station, near the old gas station that got shut down about fifty years ago. We live in an almost- mini city. We had our own rules, customs, laws. We were ruled under one man- our leader. The men followed strict conduct- they were the superior race. After the war broke out years ago, modern society was broken into pieces, left to be rebuilt on our own. People joined clans or lived under their own family rules and customs. Our clan was the most feared.


2. part one.

Poppy's POV

"Harry?" I ask quietly as he continues his hand down my back, soft noises coming out of his pale pink tinted lips. "Hmm?" he hums, his lips pressed against my slightly frizzed hair. "I don't want to go to the ceremony" I whimper as he sighs, nodding softly, "me neither". I look up at the ceiling, the room was all grey and made of stone- like every building in the little city. His mattress was thin and I could practically feel the cold concrete that lay under us. We've been laying there for hours- still and unmoving, enjoying the last time we would spend together.

I've know Harry since I was little- he was my best friend, we did everything together- there was never a day we were apart. I was waiting for the moment for Harrys mom to open the door- telling me she was going to walk me home so I can lay alone in my bed- awaiting the dreariness to come. I take in a breath as his door opens, his grip tightening on me as a ray of light shines in the room, a head peeking in quietly. I sit up with a sigh, Harrys moms lips parted slightly, "goodnight you two" she says before closing the door again.

I felt my eyes widen slightly, laying back slowly- back into the comfort of Harrys arms. "She knew this was the last time we would- see eachother" he mumbles solemnly into my hair. I nod, my eye lashes fanning on his chest, my head rested lightly on it. I felt my mind wander to the married couples I knew- wondering what if it was going to be like that for me. "Your parents seem to be really happy with each other" i murmur as Harry lets out a sigh, "cause they're in love".

I furrow my brow, lifting my head so my chin was rested on his chest, my eyes on his, "what's that?" I ask curiously, never hearing that term before. "Well-" he starts, as I lay my head back down to the original position. "Back- before all this, people would meet each other and would fall in love- they would hug and kiss and always want to be around each other" he explains as I nod, fully entranced in his speech.

"My parents were lucky enough to be in love- and my father was able to win my mom as a wife- they told me this because they want me to pass it down so humans don't forget the old ways" he mutters as I sit up, looking up at him curiously, "and- instead of just having babies because people told them to- people did it on there own- you know?" he nods as my lips part, still fascinated by the words spilling out of his mouth, "people called it 'making love' not just reproducing".

I nod, a grin on my lips as I lay back down next to him, my body facing his. "I want to fall in love" I sigh as he chuckles, looking up at the ceiling, "can you find me someone to love?" I ask as he lets out a small laugh, "doesn't work like that- it's natural Poppy".

I nod, biting my lip, thoughts streaming in my head. "And- there is two types of love, romantic love- the husband and wife love, and the love you feel towards family and siblings" he says looking at me. I nod with a smile before curling back into him. "Now you know" he sighs quietly, peppering small pecks on my head, "now you know".

Holly's POV

"and he said that people used to fall in love" Poppy says matter of factly as I roll my eyes to myself, looking at her, "that's not true poppy". She frowns slightly, her mom draping pearls over her neck, her blue eyes conveying disappointment, "but- Harry said". I give her a sharp look, adjusting the emeralds earrings that were dangling from my ears, "doesn't mean he's right Poppy".

"But-" she starts as I slam down my hair brush, making her jump slightly, "not everything harry says is right okay? jesus poppy" I scoff, turning back to the mirror as she whimpers, her mom leaving a gentle kiss on her cheek. I shut my eyes, my fingers clutching the sides of the vainity, "I know your gunna miss Harry but- you gotta forget about him".

I could already picture the tears verging in her eyes, her little lip quivering from the sadness. "Okay" she mutters, holding down the tears that wanted to stream down her face. "You'll get married- have a few kids- work around the house and never think about him again" I say bluntly as she nods quietly, "he won't forget about you- I promise".

There was a loud knock on the door, Poppy's mom opening the door unsurely as a timid Harry creeps in slowly, he sees Poppy and pauses a moment, "love-" Poppy's mom coos as she Poppy turns around, her eyes catch on to Harry as she starts to cry, running into his arms and collapsing weakly as he rocks her back and forth. "No boys!" my mom barks shooing him away as Poppy wails in sadness, Harry muttering something into her ear. "N-no Harry you can't" she whimpers as he nods, my mom shoving him out of the room, "Poppy-" he yelps as the door slams, all noise ceasing as the silence creeps in.


We sit in the stands, Poppy beside me, quivering in her seat, her eyes darting urgently around. "calm down" I bark as she continues her frantic behavior, "do you see Harry?" she whimpers, acting like a was a life support she needed to cling on to- he practically was. I roll my eyes, looking at her outfit- it was practically lingere, diamonds and jewels covering her body. "You look wonderful" I say, trying to change this grueling subject, "I hate it" she whimpers. I furrow my brow, "why?" I scoff as she turns to me, "Harry said it was reveling" she nods as I groan, letting myself slide dramatically down my seat, "you need help" I scoff as she whimpers, her eyes filling with tears, "I miss him already".

"I hope he just dies so you won't keep talking about him" I mumble as I could practically feel her heart drop, she becomes silent as I sigh, my eyes shut, enjoying the silence.

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