Will you still love me

Will you still love


2. Who

We go to class and the day ends. I go to treys class and his there waiting for me. He grabbed my hand and he told me his never letting me go. I asked him where he was going and he told me to the park. He asked if I wanted to come with i said yes then I went with him still holding his hand. It was cold and I didn't have a jacket he saw that I was cold he gave me a his jacket and hugged me tight . We walked to the park we get there and I asked who was trying to steal me away from him he told me no one then I see my friends and run to them we were having fun then my mom text me saying I need you to come home I text okay. Then trey and I walked to my house I was still wondering who. He gave me a kiss and said I love you. I still don't know who it was

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