Will you still love me

Will you still love


3. next morning

The next day I woke up with a message from trey saying *hello beautiful* I say *hey* I get up then go to the shower take a shower then get dress. Then I hear a knock and it's trey he grabs me and hug and give me a kiss. I told him I'm almost ready. Then I start getting ready I wear my blue shirt with my black pants and my toms. Then I get a message from my best friend Antonio it says "Hey" I get my phone and say "Hey" I go outside and see trey waiting then I say "I'm ready" then we get in his car and drive off. I see my friends Destiny, Jasmine, Brianna, Samantha, Nida, Avia, and Antonio. They come towards me and say hey girl and we walk down the hall together I'm by trey then I see this girl that I hate her name is desire she winks at trey and trey winks back. So I'm mad the whole day and trey ask what's wrong then I say "Trey let me see your phone" I see what I never wanted to see him and desire were saying I love you that one day they will be happy together that his only using me. Then I look at him with tears I drop his phone and say "we're done" he try's to say I'm sorry that it never was suppose to end like this i tell him "just go be happy with desire" Antonio sees me and sees that I was crying and grabs me and says I'm going to be okay that he loves me and that I will find the love of my life one day and then I realize it's Antonio he loves me he's the one that's been trying to steal me away from trey

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