Will you still love me

Will you still love


4. Do I love her

Antonio p.o.v

Do I love my best friend? Of course I do I love her more than a friend I been friends with her since we were like five. Trey told me that him and desire liked each other but I didn't want to break her heart so I said " that's the last time you cheat on her " I loved her my best friend my one true friend I loved her I wonder of she loved me I was so happy to have her in my arms. She told she loved me i smile I tell her I love her too. The bell rang it was time to go to class we have next period together so we walked down the hall and trey has the same period as us so Amy's stuck with that jerk all day. We enter the class treys there him and Amy sit next to each other because the teacher knew they were in "love" but now they aren't so I wonder what Amy's thinking

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