The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


11. The Odds Are Never In Your Favor

The eyes of the two girls met as Shimmer began to snicker.

"Didn't I tell you," she said, "your head would be mine."

Kree tried to pull her hand off of the glass shard, yet her arms became weaker by the second. She could hear Haymitch groaning inside the tower, and she suddenly found herself at peace. She hung from the side of the tower, allowing her thoughts to drift towards Maysilee and Garreth. Of her parents and her pregnant sister back home. She thought of the trees just beyond the electric fence which surrounded District 12. But, mostly, she thought of Haymitch. She remembered seeing him at school, throughout the District, and at the Reaping. Memories of their time throughout the Games passed by in a matter of seconds. Returning to the present, she gazed up at Shimmer with an accepting look upon her face.

"Any last words?"

Kree smirked, "The odds are never in your favor."

Giving a huff of annoyance, Shimmer raised her axe high above her head. Kree glared, prepared to face her fate with no sign of fear upon her face. Deep within, however, she was screaming at the top of her lungs; begging Shimmer to reconsider. The axe hovered for a split second before beginning its descent towards its victim. Kree saw the blade gleam in the sunlight, and she took a deep breath. Suddenly, something slammed itself into Shimmer's right eye. She screamed and instantly backed off, her hand flying to the shaft of a broken arrow; which stuck out of her skull and coated her cheek in blood. Kree watched in surprise as Haymitch appeared. Using his knife, he broke the piece of glass protruding from her hand and pulled it off the remaining shard. She whimpered in pain as he grabbed her arm with both of his.

Just then, the little grip she had with her remaining hand disappeared. She screamed in fright as all her weight hit Haymitch's already sore arms. He hung onto her wrist, the blood dripping from the hole in her hand making it very difficult. He tried to pull her towards the window once more, yet she didn't budge. Behind him, he could see Shimmer preparing herself to pull the arrow out of her now useless eye.

"Haymitch," he turned back to Kree, tears streaming down his face, "you know what you have to do."

"No! No, I can save you! I promised to never kill you!"

"You can't hold us both, Haymitch," she said softly, "you have to get out of here. You have to win."

"You're coming with me, Kree! You're coming with me!"

She smiled and shook her head. He felt his grip on her wrist slipping away.

"Haymitch," their gazes met once again, "I'm sorry."

The blood that had seeped into the areas between their skin began to do its work. Haymitch felt the remainder of Kree's hand slide neatly out of his. Haymitch screamed. Kree screamed. Shimmer screamed.

Closing his eyes, Haymitch covered his ears in order to block the dull THUMP that came from the ground; followed closely by a canon's thundering BOOM.

When he opened his eyes again, the tears poured down his face. He gazed down at Kree's still body. She had landed on her side beside the District 9 Tribute, her hair lost in the pool of blood which had begun to form around her head like a halo. Her arms and legs had landed in a position much like that of a sleeping child.

Breathing heavily, Haymitch slammed his fist into the wall and screamed at the top of his lungs. There were no words in his agonizing cries, yet there did not need to be. Anyone listening would easily understand his pain.

Turning, he faced Shimmer just as she pulled the arrow out of her skull. Her eyeball remained on the end, along with the nerves attached to it. She gave a yelp of pain before turning back to Haymitch. Picking up her axe, she advanced. Drawing her knives, he ducked beneath her blow and sliced the skin beneath her arm open. She squealed in pain before making a quick turn on her heel. Haymitch saw the axe, yet he couldn't move fast enough. The blade sailed across his chest. Blood spurted out, catching Shimmer's remaining eye. The liquid blinded her, allowing Haymitch to turn and run out of the room clutching his wound.


By the time he had reached the bottom of the stairs, Shimmer was hot on his heels. He burst out of the tower, pausing a moment to gaze at Kree's body. By now, the Peacekeepers had appeared in their airship. They had already lowered the claw to retrieve the District 9 Tribute's body. It lowered again to scoop the girl up. Haymitch's tears continued to flow as she disappeared...forever.

Suddenly, he heard Shimmer groaning on the stairs. Turning, he darted off. Taking a quick glance back, he saw Shimmer keeping her distance. With his lame leg and bleeding chest, perhaps she hoped he would keel over. Snarling, the blonde led her into the forest. The traveling was slow, but Shimmer continued to follow at a safe distance.

As the sun began to disappear, he reached his old campsite. Through his hazy vision he could see the Arena's edge just ahead, the force field giving a faint glimmer. Holding tightly onto his chest, he stumbled forward. His feet began to drag as he jogged slowly. Dirt and small pebbles sprayed in front of him as he approached the edge. Suddenly, a large pebble (sent flying by his foot) flew at the force field. It hit and instantly rebounded back towards him. Haymitch stopped, staring at it in surprise. Suddenly, he got an idea.

He turned back to face Shimmer, who stopped a few feet away. She smiled, her remaining eye wild with joy. Releasing his wound, he pulled out his knives. If he was to die, he would die fighting. Giving a wild battle cry, Shimmer extended her arm to full length and threw the axe for all she was worth. Haymitch waited, the world slowing dramatically as the blade soared through the air.

Then, as it made its final stretch, he sank to his knees and allowed his arms to drop. The blade slammed against the Arena's edge, the force shooting it back towards its owner. Shimmer gazed in utter shock and horror as her beloved weapon turned on her. Still spinning, the blade sliced through her skull like a hot knife through butter. Blood soared into the air like a red firework. The body of the Career Tribute crumpled to the earth, the hilt of the axe making a small CLANG as it collided with the dirt and rocks. Shimmer's face, frozen in a look of horror and confusion, gazed at her enemy with a single sightless eye. Haymitch gave a small breath of relief as the final canon sounded in the distance.

Haymitch Abernathy of District 12 had just won the Hunger Games' Second Quarter Quell. His knives fell from his fingers as he slumped onto his back. Above him, the sky danced with the colors of the setting sun. His vision became worse and worse with each passing second. He lay there, admiring how the colors seemed to blend into one.

As his eyes closed, he could hear a faint droning in the distance. The Peacekeepers had come for him. Someone said something over the loudspeakers, but he didn't catch it. He allowed the darkness to overtake him, welcoming its gentle embrace.


His eyes snapped open. He sat up to find himself back in the Arena's field. The tall grass whispered as the wind danced among the blades. Getting to his feet, Haymitch pulled out his knife.

"Haymitch," he whipped around to find three people standing there, "Haymitch."

The three figures stood smiling at him. On the far left was a short blonde girl with a single braid running down the side of her face. On the far right was a twelve year old boy with a single eye. The figure in the middle was a tall girl with raven black hair and fiery eyes.

"Haymitch," Kree smiled, "you did it. You won the Games."

The blonde did not smile back, "Look at what it cost me."

The three shared a look.

"But," they stared at Haymitch in surprise, "it's okay! Because we're together again!"

"No Haymitch," Garreth said, "it's not your time yet."

Suddenly, the younger boy faded away.

"It's not your time yet, Haymitch."


Maysilee nodded, "You can't let the Capital continue this slaughter. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but someday the Capital will fall."

Then, she faded away.

"The Capital will fall."


Haymitch and Kree stared at one another, tears sliding down their cheeks and falling away into nothingness.


"Haymitch," she intervened, "they're right. The Capital will fall. And you must help. You must shape the future of the Districts. You must guide someone, for that is your job as a mentor. Live, Haymitch, live knowing that the odds are never in your favor."

"Kree," Haymitch screamed as she faded away, "Kree!"

"The odds are never in your favor."



When Haymitch opened his eyes again, he found himself in a white room laying on a soft bed. His chest felt as though it was on fire, as did his calf. He could feel the I.V.s in his arms and hear the steady BEEP BEEP of a heart monitor. Taking a deep breath, he groaned.

"Haymitch," he heard a soft voice sigh with relief, "hey baby. We thought you wouldn't wake up."

Slowly, the blonde turned his head to see Syrene, Cinna, and Augustus standing beside his bed. Saying nothing, he turned the other way to hide his tears.

"Haymitch," Augustus said quietly, "I would just like to say that we are so happy to have you back in one piece."


"I mean, you should have seen some of those other tributes!"


"Why, there was one boy who-"


Finally taking notice of the tall woman's scowl, the green haired man shut up. A tiny sob caused them all to turn and see Haymitch shuddering. Not knowing what to say, the group merely sat in silence as the boy's sobs became loud cries.

For an hour, the blonde gave agonizing, mournful cries. Once they died away, however, a glare of anger consumed his face.

"They're right," he murmured, "the Capital will fall. And I must help."

"Now you're talking nonsense, Haymitch," Augustus smiled, "you won the Games! It really surprised the President, you know, seeing as how you had no mentor and your District had such a disadvantage to begin with. The odds truly were in your favor!"

Groaning, Haymitch sat up. Ignoring Syrene's gentle hands and the fire in his chest, he pulled the I.V.s out of his flesh and stood up. The trio backed up in surprise.

"The odds are never in your favor."

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